We're all Idols: UTAU event for all users! #idolvision

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    As part of UTAUvision I launched a new event on social media.

    I quote my google doc:


    New Event for all users: #idolvision

    Since the final round is about idols and our utau memories, I decided to make a new event on social media: #idolvision

    Every utau user can take part in it. So what do you have to do?

    Share your utau memories with us, draw UTAU as an idol or with their idol, draw your utau friends, make a cover for your senpai, make a positive confession about the utaucommunity and post it with the #idolvision and #utauvision

    The deadline of the event is 3/11/2017 by New Year I hope to bundle the cutest, emotional, prettiest and funniest drawings/poems/confessions/pics/whatever in one giant post or video, to share some positivity.

    Because you all… Are my shining stars and Idols <3


    If you have questions please PM or tweet to me @Cyberkiyo I am not so active here XD

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