What are your 'goals' for UTAU, if any?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Izua, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. IrisFlower

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    Well, in the beginning I honestly just wanted to make some friends and have a reason to be here in the community ;; When I first started back in 2010(before I made Iris ahem) I had no fun because no one knew I even existed and so I had no one to share my achievements with. That goal...has looooong been met and then some lol

    So some of my current UTAU specific goals are:

    -Get Iris's Japanese CVVC bank finished.
    -Sub-goal of that is to get her Lavender append to sound as nice as her Orchid and Peony ones. The good news is I'm almost there with this one.
    -Subsub-goal is to doodle some designs for her appends just cause.
    -Rework one of my originals with Iris's new VCCV bank(and Luka V4x English) and continue the series.
    -Get back into using my friends UTAU. I haven't done that in a loooong while ;; Specifically, I'd like to make an original with Mimi Yorune and Iris. They're best friends so you'd think I would've done this by now but nah.

    I think that's it for now. These are also sprinkled out among my various VOCALOID specific goals too. So the list is actually a bit longer OTL
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  2. 幸兔雪 (Yukito Yuki)

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    My goals for this year are:

    -new JP VCV&CVVC for Aki and Lychee

    -releasing a new, updated and fixed version of Finnish CVVC + releasing a recording set for it just like with Finnish VCV

    -Record a full Korean CVVC and actually FINISH it (so far I've never finished it 100% cuz I haven't been happy with my own accent and/or because "missed" few helpful sounds)

    -Record a Spanish VCVlite at some point and add few missing CC sounds (currently, I'm studying basics of Spanish at school and hopefully that will help me a bit(?) )

    -Record an English VB(????)

    Yeah, that's it
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  3. Hazu パワ

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    My current goals so far~

    Finish VCCV English

    tri-pitch VCV JP with tri-pitch "Extends"

    Start working on other languages-
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  4. ExistenceReaper

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    -finish something that I start

    that is all
  5. Izua

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    I relate fuhuhu
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    Eeee that's really cool!! Good luck in getting there!!!
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    Ayyy!! Good luck m8!!
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    Oh yeah I relate on the bit about having nobody to share your achievements with in the beginning LOL I legit had nobody back then heeeh but we all find someone eventually!
    Good luck to you and Iris! Hopefully things come along as planned ovo
  6. Erin

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    I'm really bitter and my goal is to be a better overall user than this other user I dislike. Whatever they can do, I can and will do better. I gotta. The salt is real.

    Also make an utau maybe? Just maybe.
  7. AniraAsIs

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    Firstly and most importantly, make at least one friend ;_;
    Maybe then improve my recording ability? Recording even 1 pitch of vcv really tires my voice out, and I have to have a drink every couple of strings. Apart from that, I'd like to get the patience to oto VBs other than cv myself XD
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  8. SparkyPsychc

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    I dont know if this sound legit but..
    It is to make another me.
    I mean not literally but.
    I want to have different characteristics resembling me(?)
    maybe im just those kind of edgy teens

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