What do you consider the "standard" for new UTAU voicebanks?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Ciel Phantomhive, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Ciel Phantomhive

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    as the title says, what do you consider the standard that a new voicebank should match up to if you're going to consider downloading it? what is the baseline you feel like you have to match up to as a creator? basics like "not recorded with a potato" and "has a working OTO" aside, i'm curious how this has changed and what people look for now.

    in the past i would almost always start with a CV bank for any new UTAU i was working on, but at this point CV is such a step down in quality from VCV that i'm actually not bothering anymore. i don't look for CV banks from others as a user and so it feels like a bit of a waste of time as a creator. at this point multipitch VCV is what i would consider the baseline for voicebanks i'd want to use and therefore the same for voicebanks i want to create.

    i'm not familiar with english or other languages in UTAU at all, but i'm also curious if people feel differently there due to smaller number of existing voicebanks/differences in recording or OTOing/anything like that.
  3. Karmaeius

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    In my case, I don't really look for much aside from the basics; so long as as the voicebank has at least okay recording/configuring, I'm all good. There's just so much uniqueness in a lot of them and they all have potential to sound amazing if the voicebank is just worked with enough, after all. Then again, I'm also not a very picky person and certainly don't care if the bank is CV, VCV, ect, so that may be why I think that way~. :uhuhu:
  4. Sors

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    So my general standard is: good mic, good oto and VCV or CVVC. I don't mind working with monopitch but I prefer using multipitch. I guess when it comes to english the standard is VCCV, even tho arpasing has become quite popular as well, mostly due to the shorter reclist and moresampler oto.
  5. heta-tan

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    Made with love and effort
    But really:
    • Good OTO
    • Decent mic
    • No FRQ errors
    • Good range (multipitch helps here)
    I think most people tend to look for VCV since that's what most people think is the pinnacle of quality but you can get the same quality with CVVC or CV if you actually put in the effort with the OTO and using the bank so reclist to me doesn't matter...
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  6. Pratzelwurm

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    I'm not very picky. I tend to prefer VCV to CV and multipitch to monopitch, but honestly as long as the sound quality is good it's not very important.

    Even as far as bad otos, I'll just edit it as needed.

    For making new voicebanks myself, I usually start with either a CV or a vowel-only VCV for testing purposes, but I don't often release those.
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  7. IO191

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    if i like the voice or not and if the voicebank is a nice quality oh and it has to be VCV OR CVVC
  8. Pokefan2012

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    As long as the oto is decent and there is no excessive noise in the background, then any bank can be decent, no matter the reclist imo!

    My personal preference is CVVC, because it sounds just as good as VCV when correctly oto'ed (actually, I think I get better results, but that's neither here nor there) and is just way easier. That said, even CV banks *cough*KYE*cough* can sound incredible with enough attention.

    Basically, I'm not that picky, really, and I can't think of anything besides the basics, so, yeah :tongue:

    Also it helps if, like, you actually make it at all. Yeah, that's right, I'm calling myself out :P
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  9. partial

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    I definitely favor CVVC when it comes to Japanese. I think it can sound just as good as VCV and has the benefit of a lot less recording and otoing time. I think VCV is overkill and a lot more work than it needs to be but it technically is a lot easier to use, so in a way, I do get it.

    For English, I really like VCCV. I can't find a single thing wrong with VCCV maybe with the exception of L blending stuff, because I can't get them to ever sound smooth.
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  10. Arissa

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    I'm a simple human, I see a cute anime girl, I download

    Tbh I like monopitch more, since it takes up less space, although I don't really mind there being more, so long as there aren't like 19 pitches.

    I like CVVC, smooth, takes up minimal space, just all-around nice. I don't really care about the voicebank format so long as I like the voice and character. Bonus points for things like breaths and vocal fry.

    Tbh I'd like if people went more with what they wanted to/could instead of trying to always meet someone else's standard of good. I don't really think there's a necessity to do something like 80 pitched VCV just because it's considered standard/acceptable. I say do what feels best for you, don't strain yourself and stay true to your own goals and desires
  11. WyndReed

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    Personally I just pick banks that I like the tone of and are VCV/CVVC (I'm not all that fond of most CV banks). Most other factors don't bother me and I try not to pick banks with awful oto's.

    What I've seen the "standard" bank become in recent years might not be everyone's cup of tea to create or to use. (for example: mostly VCV banks with some CVVC banks, 4+ pitches, possibly multiple tones, maybe vocal fry or various other add ons.) I've seen some of the more popular users start using these type methods with their banks and then gradually other users adopted these methods as well.

    Honestly I think people should create banks to whatever specs they want to regardless of anything else.
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  12. ayatonic

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    my standard is vcv but i'm not limited to it. i'll use a cv if it's an utau i adore.
    i'll be the first to say i'm biased and that voice isn't the only factor as to whether or not i use an utau-- i dont even use some of my own UTAU very often
    character matters to me hecc
    it IS mostly voice though- the standard is just if i like it, honestly. idc what type of bank, pitches, format, whateeeverrr, if i like it, i'll consider using it. OTL the reason being that i barely even use others' UTAU and i really should but i'm too lazy to even upload for my own smh
    sooo yeah,,, my "standard" is vcv, but i'll use other things if i like the voice/utau that much.
    i know i'm evil.
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