What do you do before recording?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by June, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Hi there!
    so... Im currently recording my first voicebank! Unfortunately when I record, I run out of breath 24/7 and my voice cracks a lot, and I had to re-record a lot of times, which is kinda annoying because the area i live have bad traffics and it's hard to find a time where its quiet enough to record :c
    Anyways, i have some questions for you:

    1. Where do you record your VBs?
    2. Do you mind others finding out what you're doing? (as in, do you mind if they ask what are you doing and a lot of other questions)
    3. If you're not living alone, how do you prevent disturbing others when you're recording? (Especially if you're doing a power voicebank)
    4. Do you have some sort of sound absorption system to prevent background noises, traffic sounds, etc?
    5. What kind of position are you in when you're recording? (the question sounded kinda weird but do you stand up? do you just sit? Which position makes your voice sound the most stable?)
    6. What are some common difficulties that happened to you when you were recording? (pronouncation? accent?)
    anyways thanks for reading ^^
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    1. In my room
    2. No
    3. I do not live alone, but I do have it good, my room is in the basement and its pretty soundproof.
    4. My room is pretty soundproof, i usually just turn off everything.
    5. Standing; I'm recording with a 8 to 9 mora VCV reclist atm, and as its a powerscale (i.e. shouting at the highest pitch) allows for maximum oxygen, and power output.
    6. Misreading mostly, voicecracks, burping once actually. I even have some outtakes on my soundcloud lol.
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    Not the same, but there's a similar thread a few pages back you might find interesting/helpful here. But to answer your questions:

    1. In my bedroom
    2. Eh, it depends on who. Friends idrc, but def not my parents because their idea of making conversation is rapid-fire questions.
    3. I wait for when I have the place to myself. While I don't necessarily care if other people hear me, I realize its pretty inconvenient to them since I also have to ask them to be completely quiet when I'm recording.
    4. Nope, and its a pain. Outside noises aren't generally loud enough to make a difference where I live, but the main problem is the room's own natural crappy reverb. Since I can't drop $150 on one of those portable mini recording booth sound shield things, I've taken to just stacking pillows and blankets around me however I can.
    5. Sitting. I would stand, but I also don't have a proper mic stand soooooo.
    6. Not being warmed up properly. Not supporting my singing as I would when I'm singing an actual song. Being too conscious of my accent, causing me to overcompensate and overcorrect, making the recordings sound weird.

    Also, to elaborate on #4, there's a distinction between soundproofing and acoustic treatment. Soundproofing is treating a room to prevent outside sounds from getting in and inside sounds from getting out. Acoustic treatment is treating the room to affect the acoustics of the room, basically, how the room sounds on a recording (eg, the natural reverb of the room, etc). What you described is an issue of soundproofing, whereas I have more problems with acoustic treatment (or a lack thereof). Unfortunately I can't help much with either, but hopefully those terms can point you in the right direction.

    The running out of breath this and voice cracking sounds like it may be an issue of singing technique and proper breathing. When singing (and playing wind instruments) its important to breathe diaphragmatically. Basically, think of it as coming from your stomach rather than your chest or mouth. This also applies to when you're exhaling and singing, not only when inhaling. There're probably craploads of videos on YT that can explain diphragmatic breathing for singing better than I can, though.

    Sors reminded me. MISREADING. ugggghhhhh this is a pain when I don't notice it until I'm using the VB and all of a sudden this random syllable is mispronounced. I have a list of, like, 50 recordings I have to redo for my Arpasing VB OTL
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    serious answers:
    1. Sometimes in my room but most of the time in the studio
    2. nah its okay like it maybe annoying sometimes to explain the concept of it but most of the time its pretty chill.
    3. Disturbances are a normal occurrence. I've soundproofed my bedroom and inside the walls because of the sheer laziness of driving to the studio.
    4. I use acoustic boxes and foam for my room. Then carpet to dampen. Its currently summer now and my room is a constant 40c (110F)
    5. Rule of thumb, stand up for recording it helps open up the diaphragm which creates a more clear and concise sound.
    6. I'm forever rolling R's or trilling ends of notes or sometimes doing vocal runs in the middle T_T

    Sarcastic non serious:
    1. in a hole
    2. They already know I'm a piece of garbage
    3. accept the fact that recording is never easy and continuously record the same sample 20+ times until disturbance is gone
    4. I cup the mic seductively with my hands to dampen
    5. I slouch like the NEET I am
    6. I pronunciation is on point *uses american R's*
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    I don't record voicebank anymore but here are things i used to do:
    1. I used to record in my room, in front of my widely opened wardrobe.
    2. I don't mind actually, but most people in my house don't agree with me recording a bank so yeah..i only record when they're not home. (Cause i got so tired arguing about my bank with them...*inserts random rant here*)
    3. I waited till nobody at home and record (if it's a power, instead recording in front of my wardrobe...I record inside my wardrobe)
    4. My clothes filled wardrobe *pats wardrobe*
    5. Sit
    6. I have this rhotacism which prevents me making 'r' (any r, Indo/spanish trilling 'R', Japanese R, english 'r'). They always came out as 'rl' and 'w'. And i tend to make clicks on t, k, p, & c and they often appear at the end like "Nta-ti-tu-te-to-*click-to-*click*..Aaaagh!"

    Oh btw, i see you are malay..If you're recording a Japanese bank, make the 'u' vowel less rounded like 'eu'.
    Most Malays & Indos often forgot about this. Good luck!
  7. Mei-Saime

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    1. My room with a closed door.
    2. They know since I have a loud mouth.
    3. Closing the door and recording where there is only my nana and myself in the house of record in the night.
    4. Nope. I wish though.
    5. I usually lay down since I don't have a desk to record on and I refuse to record downstairs.
    6. Pronunciations and interruptions.
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      1. In my bedroom honestly, at a desk I have.
      2. honestly my mum already knows and is like 'what' and my friends are like also confused but one of them actually loves the idea
      3. i dont honestly lmao but nobody really cares
      4. nope! i do hear a bit of air in my recordings but they don't change anything
      5. i sit in a chair at my desk, i have a ps4 where i put my mic and i pull that forward as close to me as possible
      6. oh defo my accent when it came to vccv! because it's american english i struggles at some sounds yea, i've been practicing it with my regular accent though and totally wanna make a strong scottish vb...also yeah, misread a LOT
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    1. In a closet
    2. Not really, my family knows I just kinda go in there : ' D
    3. I try to record when there's no one at home, or if it's just my sister because she's quiet.
    4. Not really, the closet has a lot of clothes so it helps a little but I still get the hums from cars and trucks. I bring in mats and yoga blocks though because they actually help : ' D
    5. I stand up and the microphone is just a little bit below my chin. I have poor posture sometimes though because I'll be standing for hours. Standing up with good posture typically gives the best results though.
    6. I record in hiragana & katakana and I mess up the m's a lot for some reason : ' D Same goes for english banks where I end up recording the wrong vowel sounds. I only have a few rare occasions to record, so if I find I mess up I just go into FL and make the VCV line by hand : ' D Opening my mouth and throat more to let vowels out better is something I struggle with too. Besides that, just the sounds of cars and trucks really make me wanna die. That and my cats freaking out because they want to come into the closet with me.
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    ( hi!!!! I heard your arpasing VB at soundcloud and i love it!!)
    Thanks for the explaination and the link! Now i understand those terms better^^ And it seems like i definitely need to work on soundproofing sigh
    And I realised that the reason i ran out of breath so many times is because i was in a lying flat on my bed, chest facing down (i know bad idea lol) I tried to record while standing up and it was better now! Thankss^^

    same tho. i re-recorded so many times that i choked ( and im so broke that i cant even go buy those acoustic foam but ill try finding alternatives T-T and I dont want to ask my parents to buy a decent mic for me before I make my first utau cause i dont want to waste their money before i can make something decent. so Im using my brother's oLD sony icd recorder to record and i just wanna cry because idk how to record with it on PC so i cant use oremo. Sad life )

    Hi! I live in Malaysia but im actually a chinese ^^ but thanks a lot for the tips though!! c: Ill keep that in mind when i re-record it (and its a bad idea to record while lying down lmao. i ran out of breaths so many times and my voice was really shaky + i covered myself in my blankets hoping to filter out background noises. I thought it was a great idea but NO i was wrooong it was so suffocating and hot;;)
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    (Where I live, I am no longer able to record, so I’ll answer these questions in the context of when I was able to)

    1. I record my voicebanks in a walk-in closet. It’s small to prevent echoes and the clothes help absorb sound. Only problem is, it’s next to the laundry room so if someone’s washing clothes I can’t record.

    2. Yes, I hate being disturbed/having to explain what I’m doing, R.I.P.

    3. I would go into a room that people rarely if ever went in and was far away from everyone, and also let them know that I’m recording something and don’t want to be disturbed. Doesn’t always work, but it’s the best I can do :,0

    4. The clothes in the closet help, and I close the door of course. I also put a sock on the mic since it helps a little bit with popping and stuff.

    5. I had to sit on the floor when recording, since I didn’t have any room/place to prop my computer and mic up. It usually helps to stand up or at least sit up straight, though, rip

    6. For me, it was adjusting my mic. Due to my set up and lack of knowledge with how to use the mic (it was my first and currently my only) My recordings would come out a little messy. Also, the room I was in tended to have bad WiFi and I had to use browser based stuff to record + saved to drive.

    Additionally, I would say if you’re having trouble keeping your voice stable, it might help to drink water before/during recording and use a reclist with smaller mora. I wish you luck :0
  12. Arissa

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    1. In my room
    2. Eh, there's kind of a low chance of that happening, but even so I'd still be embarrassed/anxious ;^^
    3. I usually record at night when no one but me and my cat are home. I don't think the neighbors can hear me....
    4. Hm, not really, although that closet thing sounds interesting... I usually just mute my TV and then off my fan. Luckily there's not a whole bunch of background noise going on(save for the occasional driving sounds)
    5. I sit. I haven't tried standing so I don't know the difference but that wouldn't make much sense for me anyway ;^^
    6. Going off pitch is so easy for me :sad: Plus I get tired during recording, and it doesn't help that I generally have to do it on a conventional work week-day
    Also when I have to voice-act my vocal cords get even more exhausted >=<
    -But going off pitch is my biggest foe

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