What Kind of VB is Best for a Beginning

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What kind of VB should I Start Out With?

  1. CV

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  2. VCV

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  3. CVVC

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  4. VCCV

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    If the language is has just 5-6 vowels (and them aren't very complicated) then yes, VCV is possible. (I've made for Finnish VCV reclist and oh boy, it was insane! 8 vowels all ready gives so many possible VCV combinations where few were difficult to pronounce, thanks for Finnish "vowel harmony" thingy)

    However, for (almost) every No-Japanese VCV VB you will need also record ending consonant sounds and also some CCV sounds (i.g "bra" "bla" "kra" etc). Ok, this is just idea but for example one string for Spanish 7 mora VCV list could be "ba_ba_bi_ba_bu_ba_b" where last _b thing is ending B consonant. Sure, more work than in Japanese VCV but not impossible, tho (I've made Spanish VCV (lite) reclist and it was just twice longer than an average Japanese VCV).

    But yeah, if you know that you cannot record or oto a lot then CVVC is better option!
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