Yuzuko News and Application open!

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    I have news regarding Yuzuko and upcoming contests!

    1. Yuzuko's Galaxy
    Yuzuko Hoshine will be having artwork of her displayed at my college this March along with postcards being given out! This will be Yuzuko's first public "appearence" so more info will be given out soon!

    2. Yuzuko at a College Campus held Comic Con!
    More Yuzuko News! Yuzuko will also be displayed with artwork at a comic con at the same collage on her 1st Anniversary April 5! I will also be hosting a MMD model contest starting March 2nd! If anyone wants to be a judge, I'll post the Google Docs application! I'll only select 3 judges with enough MMD experience but more info will come out tomorrow! >w <

    The forum for this is completed and I am opening this till March 6 but you can start your entries now! For the contest, more details are given tomorrow since I'm still working out the kinks but if your interested in participating, you may start your entries early and send them to me via Azure Voice Studios official Twitter (@VoiceAzure) or my Twitter (@Mei_Saime) for a whole month process! On April 3rd I'll announce the winners and display them on April 5 at the Comic Con! Also for those who don't make it, I do have a surprise for you...

    (currently dying at college since August 2017)

    EDIT: Here is the form!

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