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  • HEYO! Doing a big project called "UTANights" or「歌の夜」.

    It's basically a FNAFxUTAU concept where the characters of FNAf have fan-made voices and designs. It's a good way for two communities to come together.
    Here where the auditions are at! AUDITION HERE!!!!
    Made a server for chilling, talking and streaming. You can lurk in there a bit, but I would prefer if you could talk just a bit. I spent a day making the server T^T

    It's been almost two months since I was last active on here, so sorry for that. Been feeling unmotivated rn, but I'm trying my best to keep my spirits up and make UTAU content.
    Updated my little announcement! I added all events that have occurred. Whether you believe me is your choice, but it would be nice if you could spread this around. Kinda like an awareness thing.

    Link to Announcement: Please read T^T
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