Vocal-Singthesis Fan

About me:
-> I am Italian, Irish, and Canadian
-> Enjoys using vocal-synths
-> Birthday: November 12th
-> Favorite Vocalsynths: VOCALOID, UTAU (Aswell as UTAU-Synth and OpenUTAU), Synthesizer-V, and VoiSona
-> Has been in the vocalsynth community since 2020 (I was 10 years old when I joined the community)
-> Discord: Mr. Cloud#1580
-> YT Channel: TheOfficial_Mr. Cloud
-> Time zone is EDT (For those who want to know what time it is for me)
-> Likes the band Gorillaz
Ok that's all, Bye!
Ontario, Canada
Vocal-synth music maker, Voicebank and reclist developer, and YouTuber


TheOfficial_Mr. Cloud
MoscowBlox Vids


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