Kiseki Noke V2

The first vocal from Kira Studios.

  1. Iris Dragonoure
    The Kiseki Noke V2 UTAU voicebank and character belong to Kira Studios. Do NOT use this voice for commercial use or without credit.

    Voicebank Type: CV
    Update Voice: Yes
    EXTRA Voice: No
    Multilingual Voice: No
    Voice Provider: Iris Dragonoure
    Character Design: MAYU

    キThis voicebank was initially going to be a POWER EXTRA voicebank for Kiseki Noke.
    キThe original voicebank had all files in English, making it hard to use for Japanese natives.
    キThere were more samples added to the voicebank for even better English support.


    1. kiseki3_by_fgmary93-d9snesi.jpg