Model Mefu 1.0 beta2

MMD model for Mefu

  1. Dangosan
    Original or Edit:
    Edited Content
    A Mefu model. 100% TDA-free for that authentic 2010 experience.
    Head, skirt, brooch, stars, sleeves, sock frills and leg ribbons by me
    Base by [​IMG]
    Back hair by [​IMG]
    Pigtails by Kio and hogehoge39 (ripped by [​IMG])
    Front hair by [​IMG]
    Shoes by [​IMG]
    Collar by Animasa
    Sash by Nigamon
    Front ribbon by [​IMG] ([​IMG]?)
    Back ribbon by june30june30
    Hair ribbons by KineticIsEpic (rigged by me)

    If you have discovered any problems with this model, feel free to PM me.
    Terms of Use:
    • Absolutely no distribution
    • No edits (except for bugfixes/chibification/edits required for effects to work/slapping a lot of SPAs on it in order to look good without MME/colorkits/recolors if ColorShift is uncooperative)
    • Follow Mefu's usage clause
    • No fetish, slander or bullying
    • Credit me for the edit (the character remains @mado's, credit her, too!)
    • No porting to H-games or SIMS
    • The wand can be edited and distributed as long as no game rips (except 3DCG for the Overseas community) or illegal parts are used
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  1. A bugfix