Model Otakune Weeaboo MMD03 1.1

Otakune Weeaboo's 2016 MMD Model by OSformula

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    Created by OSformula ( as part of a commission in 2016. Finally made public now in prep for Otakune's 10th anniversary next month.

    Don't ask what happened to MMD02 lol. It's a long story.
    Terms of Use:
    The character "Otakune Weeaboo" is licensed under the WTF Public
    License. WTFPL is a public domain license that allows for unlimited redistribution and modification under any terms.

    The full WTFPL can be found at this URL:

    The model itself comes with its own additional license terms by Orahi_Shiro and can be found in the OS_readme_ENG.txt
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