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“Popoint” guide and example bank. 2022-10-15

The following language is literally translated to EASY MYSTERY in english. It is an african language called “Popoint” spoken by the west tribe of didi. The language is cv but very odd for an UTAU reclist. I got hired for some equal rights stuff and made an arg over it. Long story short they asked me very kindly since my name is KOMO there to record this for them, since in their religion like utau are essnetially muses and shit even otherkin? Its a wonderful culture. Its very hard to get popular in their faith without a muse of apollo singing it. They said no matter what i believe personally (atheism is fun for numbers and other bullocks!) that they would like to atleast see my try. This is that reclist. Unfortunately it’s free on and this bank is public domain for their culture. I did darken lances skin here. The character is what I call a “FIL” a japanese aracial trope that can be interpreted as any race or gender or ehtenicity, essentially a agender character but for everything like aracial too. lance is just the exmaple bank ofr this. anyone can record it.

So for them I present the KOMO lance bank, she’s named after me (he/him kaito you know from tv! Joking but some of you would know) unfortunately im tutoring some people for this tech so I’m still looking for a OTO’R while this reclist is wonderful i don’t know in this community if it should be oto’d given the nature of that langue. Not many foreigners especially greeners (i can use it for myself here) of my color, have ever been to this tribe let alone for zone captor esc activism! And dream walks given im native. But I would love feedback and if it should be oto’d for americans to make that the er….”FAWND” version of this bank. For I do believe this bank should remain unodtod because of the nature of this forgotten language to most americans. “MSTERY” is what I call it. Theirs this theory that this could be chopped up as a universal reclist per wrong oto. I once tried that with my tagalog bank to terrible results, it literally left me in korea forgetting english for a bit! But alls well. So enjoy this. I would love a black utau artist to show they think this tribe is neat here, it proves how tech could be good for their lore. I mean of course this isnt technically religious or anyhting. Its just, alot of culture were built on that, and not every religion is the dsyptic version of the ridiculous christinaity. No hate to americans or chrsitians, but we basically live in a theorcracy over here and their faith is so cool! The problem is how they see UTAU over there, so this reclist is now shared with teh community. I’m sorry for such a long intro. Its a favor for a friend, sincerely the first family title of zone captor, Adam Snowflake Kaito TV or KOMO SAGE the one who recorded this! WHOOH!



OTO: (japanese) (korean) (chinese) as mixed sounds there with french letters after the end to make this work for them IF YOU WNAT! Problem: i dont know a good example song for this without making it sound chopy…:sad: i mean not outside this one translated anyways! This would also make a good colang for asgardian! My cousin M is norse and like its v similar just wrong vowels and shiz! Ashame its oral in our family id love to do that one two since my norse name is LEFINOSHUR (ru)

Some sounds do repeat, this is a tonal thing, some sounds are chopped up this language is derived from swahili which most americans especially my color dont know either. No hate its just. God this is my cousins ethenicity speak all over again! /joking anyways thought its really cool and I’d love someone else to show this or provide an oto for an alt since the tribe im traveling with in my own little la la land /joking again would prefer it unoti’d. Here you are! Listen to the blank tape to record it right, problem is that this is technically vvvcv if this is that culture and thus really hard for utau users to use outside of me! Too Rnadom you know?

Also if you want to learn this language they allow me to teach it. Its just a ritual to be nice there. What you do is take the code norn video for my asgardian thing, and translate it with chinese shit into this then french, and i know thats alot of work but you will understand this super secret choclaty awesome sauce coolio language! Its a great learning tool utau i wish people understood that. This language is also derived a bit from GHOSHKO in africa. So its v hard to like…spell in english? There is ane english verison but we dont exactly have “numeral squares the language as english” over here even though thats like 1 as a big square 4 as a subtraction triangle and so on. Thats how you’d spell this. BUt i am unfortunately very very american. So theirs no way to spell it without english characters. So enjoy that. Theres not even a font solominc which is what they call the squares there. Which is neat, but very hard for this bank to have done on its own.

Some of these one sylablels are like….espcailly with the breaths come across as gibberish and words to native english or japanese speakers. ITs v unforeunte. So in order to get this down, either learn swahili or copy that pronunciation perfectly. It is very much a latin situation. While 3 pronunciations exist most people only remember the popular one. Which is h ow they instructed people to sing and praise and say it in roman times.

Also if you just cant alias it. What ive seen a lot of not as kind translators do is just assign numbers to each sound with one syllable and a letter or japanese alias! GOODLUCK AND PLEASE ENJOY THIS!!!! Please be good to my tongue! :smile:

Character: Lance Lazor is studying under fantasy religions to save the world. Big problem? Her singing voice in the wrong translations is always magically rude! Now to solve the mystery of what a delusion is she must sing forever till alice of human sacrice is somehow a happy ending. Ashame ashame pan is dead was the only song she knew...until her producer was somehow......YOU?

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