Zurui's Custom VCV Reclist

Single Reclist Zurui's Custom VCV Reclist 1.3

Note: This download includes 2 lists: A list written in Kanji and a list written in Romaji.

This a 7-Mora list, meaning there are 7 syllables per line ("ああいあうえあ" as opposed to "ああいあう"). Although there is more to read on one line, it supposedly cuts down the overall recording time of VCV, and reduces the amount of repeated aliases.

This list is heavily influenced by the list made famous by Namine Ritsu Kire, with a few changes. The configuration of some of the lines in the Kire bank omitted some consonants from showing up correctly, or would not show up at all.

For example, "だだぢだづでだ" made it so "ぢ" (dji) existed, but not a sound like "ぢょ" (djo). In my bank, every sound that can be made in the Japanese language, even obscure sounds like "ぢょ", can be recorded.

This bank also includes sounds for English compatibility. These sounds include:
  • L Sounds (written as Katakana R; ラ; la)
  • English R Sounds (written as r_[Hiragana R]; r_ら; rra)
  • Unvoiced Th Sounds [Thick] (written as Katakana S; サ; tha)
  • Voiced Th Sounds [Them] (written as Katakana Z; ザ; dha)
  • V Sounds (written as Katakana V; ヴ; vu)
This reclist includes normal breaths and something I call "intakes". Intakes are special breaths that can be placed between the short pauses in between phrases. The kanji for intakes is "吸" (きゅう; kyuu).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a message and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible!
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    Includes an Oremo-friendly version for both the Kanji and Romaji lists. Minor syntax fixes

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This is a great reclist and I'm not scared of recording in romaji using this, this is a 10/10 reclist!