Aiko Nyoko (vcv)

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  1. Phanto
    "Aiko has a really nice voice!"
    Pros - As I said, nice voice! Also clear and quite nice for a CV!
    Cons - The oto seems to need some work as theres a bit of clipping
    Aiko Is a very nice light female vocal, however after using a UST, I noticed the oto had a little bit of clipping and this may just be on my side, but it made Utausynth crash (the voice didn't work at all when I downloaded it, I did editing now it just crashes) I also really like her design! I'd love to see where she goes from here.
    1. flutteraliviaNL
      i´ve edit the oto a bit :D

      and i never worked with utausymth my self so idk why it doze that