1. Kat+

    Combining Momone Momo voicebanks

    Yoo. I'm an beginner utau user and no matter how many tutorials or post I look at or search up I can't figure this out how to make my main girl into an append and or alias work for her. I know I can really make her shine if I can figure this out but I just really can't wrap my head around this...
  2. Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora

    Hibisune Dora is a 17 years old high school student, they never mention their gender to anyone and loves to fake and mimic voices. They dyed their hair for a while to slightly match their odd eyes, and is never seen without their uniform. Dora is bright and cheerful, sometimes mischievous and...
  3. ashyla

    How to use appends?

    So uhh i've been wondering how to use appends. I was reading a few threads and I thought that some UTAUs have appends that are separated into new voicebanks. So I thought is there a way to combine it with a normal voicebank? can it be used on the same UST? or is that any guide for it? p.s...
  4. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko -Colorful- ADULT Demo

    Yuzuko's final Voicebank finally got recorded but please not that some sounds will be missing. Also, I am thinking about opening a BETA testing for Yuzuko's VCV bank! If you want to ask for her alpha demo, you can PM me if interested.
  5. Sors

    Append Name Ideas

    Hi guys! So...this forum has been kinda up and down since it's I wondered: These days, 2017, do people prefer uniqueness when it comes to Appends, or do they like it more straightforward? Now I wanted to know, what would your Append name be? Mine will be called Hirogaru, which...
  6. Aodh Filppov

    Aodh Filppov

    Personality: Aodh is not like the loud and outgoing person you may think when you are talking about someone from Ireland. Aodh is more to himself and does not really talk to people, even his close friends he does not really talk to. Aodh is friendly (As in he will be friends with someone.. As...
  7. TheEternalChild7

    How to use appends in Meiji's -Fantasy- voicebank?

    Sorry, but does anyone know how to switch between the Lilith, Hunter, and Fairy appends in Gahata Meiji's Fantasy voicebank? I know how to switch between them in different USTs (by copy/pasting the prefix map you want into the main folder), but I can't figure out how to use multiple appends in a...
  8. LunarConstruct

    Merisdae ACT 4 [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Logo by @Zoku ...Created by Esela, the Goddess of Youth, Femininity, Modesty, and Song, Merisdae is the Construct of Moon - a curious child who wants to sing and explore her new home on Earth... Merisdae is a semi-commercial multi-append, multi-language, multi-pitch voicebank with a wide...