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  1. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    Will CeVIO work in Windows 10?

    Well every Windows 7,8, 8.1 user has gotten a little windows icon in their task bar for new and reserving an update for Windows 10. Now I was worried to update my pc, mostly because I thought VOCALOID 3 and CeVIO will not function correctly in Windows 10 So I emailed CeVIO to see if their...
  2. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    Shirosaki Yuudai「Loveless」CeVIOカバー

  3. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    Shirosaki Yuudai「Yuragi」CeVIOカバー

  4. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    Shirosaki Yuudai「Leia」CeVIOカバー

    I finally decided to cover this song, I was hesitant on using Yuudai for this song, but he proved me wrong, He sounds amazing in this song. I might not be using him properly but there's hardly any soft slow songs that I know of so yeah sorry. CCS: Luka Hagiwara Lyric Video: rediakaikai
  5. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    【CeVIO English】 Half-Life WIP 【Shirosaki Yuudai】

    Should I bother Finishing it? So I decided to make Yuudai sing Half-Life and this is what I got so far, making CeVIO Japanese vb's sing in english is hard, you must use and edit the TMG section alot if you want them to properly pronounce the word you want them to say such as time and or leaves...
  6. ❤️PuririnLuka❤️

    【CeVIO,UTAU】「A Way To Become Happy Forever」【Shirosaki Yuudai ft Kazuya】

    Anyone else loves the way yuudai sounds in this cover? ^^
  7. Xuu


    I tried to use Sasara for English. VSQx: Snowphones Mix: Me Song: CIRCRUSH Sasara: CeVIO Project
  8. Xuu

    Uchuu CCS Official Announcement

    [ Everyone, hello. This is Uchuu's CeVIO Creative Studio Debut. Please enjoy. Release date is 22nd April, 2015. yes, this is a joke.
  9. samth1815

    CeVIO Creative Studio S

    So yep, a new version of CeVIO is a thing now. It sorta got covered up by all the VOCALOID4 announcements and such. So, the main difference here is that you buy the voices separately now rather than them all coming in a pack together. Also, the trial for S only lasts 30 days while the FREE...