1. 8bei

    It's raining after all + UST (DL in the description)

  2. Printto

    [UTAU lost voicebank release] Quiet Room - Printto Magicbeat 2019 Recovered

    I've found my lost 2019 voicebank. It turned out that I didn't delete it but it was in another folder the whole time! I decided to release this sketchy voicebank (fully oto'ed tho) for anyone who is still interested in this voicebank after these 2 years. I named this voicebank "Printto...
  3. YURIalterΞgø

    『Hiraya』 Steampianist - "Ang Cariñosa" 【UTAU Cover】

    Eyyo wazzup! How are y'all doing! I made a cover of Steampianist's most recent song "Ang Cariñosa" hope y'all like it!! :sing:
  4. NegaiUta

    Cover 【SynthV Studio English Cover】 Rough (시간을 달려서)【Tsurumaki Maki AI Lite】

    Credits are in description, as well as the translyrics used in the video! I really love this song and using Maki for my translyrics was really fun :smile:
  5. KrimsonDCLXVI

    Need Help Finding a Song

    It was an opera duet cover of Duo De Fleurs (Flower Duet) I believe and the title was something like "Opera Shion and (other singer's name I forgot but feminine voice I believe) Lakme Duo De Fleurs (Flower Duet)" or something like that and it sounded very realistic. I remember 'Opera Shion' but...
  6. Domabu

    Can someone help me match pitch please?? :D

    So, I've recently downloaded UTAU and after reading a bit about how to use the software, I've decided to try covering a little bit of Nekobolo's Apriloop ft. Hatsune Miku. (such a good song I'm gonna cryyy) BUT, although I think I've got half of the first line of the song matched (lyric is...
  7. YURIalterΞgø

    [ Hiraya ] "Huwag Kang Mangamba" opening theme [UTAUカバー]

    Just wanna share my latest work here and Mabuhay to any fellow Filipinos who get to see this!! >w<
  8. Cyberbison

    【SAMI VUORI】Ghost Rule [Lots of growling!]

    I decided to retrieve the ust I had already shred and thrown away. Such a banger!
  9. YURIalterΞgø

    【Mawarine Shuu・Gahata Meiji】The Lost One's Weeping (sat1080 mix}【UTAUカバー】

    this song cover has been long overdue but finally got to release it after months of homework and procrastination eheh qwq hope y'all like it and it would be awesome to meet some awesome people here!! :sing:
  10. aphelionic

    【UTAU Cover】 ツギハギスタッカート (Patchwork Staccato) 【Ishiame Aido】

    song by toa original vocals by Hatsune Miku ust by Ekkoberry (tuning/edits by me) Ishiame Aido ARCTIC by CircusP art/mix/video by me i’m planning to try making my own UST for the next cover i’m doing :9
  11. Hana-chan

    Willing to draw art/sing a song for anyone who uses my UTAU in a cover! :)

    Hi! I got no responses last time, so thought I'd ask again! Anyone who uses my utau in a cover, I will draw you something in return OR alternatively, sing a song of your choice. :) It can be anything! Here are all my utau vb and dl: Hana-chan...
  12. YURIalterΞgø

    Critique Requested Panalo (hook)

    mabuhay from the Philippines!! ✨
  13. aphelionic

    【UTAU Cover】 深海少女 (Deep Sea Girl) 【Yamine Renri】

    song by Yuuyu_P original vocals by Hatsune Miku ust by IrisFlower (tuning/edits by me) Yamine Renri/Yamine Renri WHISPER by Yuzuri (ゆずり) art/mix/video by me my first ever utau cover! i hope you enjoy it :D
  14. matkarico

    [UTAU] Patchwork Staccato Cover + MMD

    Model - TDA Hayate Ame ( Freya-Vhal ) Stage - Terrathde , SEGA Motion - Seto , SEGA Scripts - Minmode Facials - Bakemonowolf UTAU - Hayate Ame CV UST - Hono-Harmony Original - toa
  15. MuSHiE

    【UTAUカバー 】Jigsaw puzzle 【Orenju -CLEAR】

    I am starting to like this song a lot actually! at first I was a bit concerned that it wouldn't turn out well, but it grew on me a while, and now I really like it!!
  16. Katie-Chae

    【UTAUカバー】Cynic【星本ミン/Seimoto Min】

    Cynic is such a pretty song??
  17. Edgeberry

    【UTAUカバー】Stardust Utopia【いひろ】

  18. Edgeberry

    【UTAUカバー】Circus Monster (JPN Version)【あけこ VCV】

  19. Katie-Chae

    Inactive Obligatory "My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley" Recruitment!

    I have decided that I want to do the My Favorite Vocaloid Song Medley with UTAU (original, I know) so I'm looking for voicebanks to use! Sign up at this google sheet: It doesn't have to be your UTAU if you want to recommend another, go ahead! My plan is to also draw a bust for each character...