1. Tasteloid

    Voicebank Pepper

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  2. Pepper


    A loveable, gentle giant, Pepper sings in a calm and shy tone. He is the younger half-brother to Salty. Pepper is solitary, quiet and loves to spend his time baking, a passion he shares with Sweet and Umami.
  3. Tasteloid

    Voicebank Salty

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  4. Salty


    A serious and cold young man, Salty sings in a deep, icy baritone. He is the older half-brother to Pepper. Sometimes a little rude, Salty acts in a haughty, princely manner, and carries two halves of a pair of scissors like swords.
  5. Sakurane Rika

    Sakurane Rika

    so, imagen an UTAU, in 2022, but looks and sounds like an badly made UTAU from 2012, thats her, thats Rika Aiko Nyoko but DeepFried (And Multipitch for some reason)
  6. I

    Namine Ritsu CVVC English alias guide

    Within Namine Ritsu's CVVC voicebank, there is an extra folder called "eigo", which contains a couple of extra English sounds. I have recently been working with this voicebank, and made myself a basic guide to refer to. Since I don't see many people talk about this library, I figured I would...
  7. Aline

    [OPENUTAU Cover] Jitter Doll [Enbukyoku Aline Tough (CVVC Mode)]

    Aline's voicebank uses a VCV-VC list, which means that, theoretically speaking, she can sing in CVVC as well as VCV. I just didn't know if it'd work because I never really programmed CVVC before and just went on to test stuff. It... Worked? You be the judge.
  8. Tasteloid

    Voicebank Umami

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  9. Umami


    A loving and ethereal woman, Umami sings with a timeless soprano voice. She is best suited to opera, classical and jazz music. She is the mother of Bitter and Sour, but treats everyone she meets with motherly love. She likes to cook hearty meals to keep her loved ones full and happy Her voice...
  10. YURIalterΞgø

    【Hiraya・Ryan Moriyama】Henceforth - Orangestar feat. IA【UTAU Tagalog Cover】

    Eyyo whadup! How are y'all doing! :love: I would like to share to everyone my most recent work! I covered Orangestar's "Henceforth" using Tagalog translyrics that were written by Suroy. I would probably consider this one of my best works yet with improved mixing and mastering and custom...
  11. Astrialogical

    Voicebank Arianwen Lloyd

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  12. Astrialogical

    Arianwen Lloyd

    Pronouns: She / Her Species: Albino Raccoon Nationality: Welsh Sexuality: Heterosexual Relationship: Taken by Ken Yanaki Children: Seren Yanaki-Lloyd PERSONALITY: Arianwen is a shy individual who doesn't interact with people often. Because of this, she doesn't quite understand how emotions work...
  13. laazybaag

    Open Art OTO i draw art for help with french cvvc oto

    hiii!! so i recorded a small monopitch french vb for my utau, tried to oto but then i remembered that my dumbass can't oto for sh-t not to mention that i get bored after 10 minutes into it dsFDSFDSFSDFSDFSF here's sample of my art, i've kinda improved a lil more than the exemples showed but i...
  14. vlbonnie

    Voicebank Next [Deleted]

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  15. GraySlate

    Voicebank Cherilee

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  16. Cherilee


    Cherilee is a succubus, once a resident of Circle 7 of Hell, Violence. Currently, she resides in Circle 2, Lust. Cheri relocated after a major change in identity; she once was known as Roselle, a feared woman who headed up a prominent mafia family in Circle 7. Due to a major conflict between...
  17. GraySlate

    Voicebank Yamako

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  18. Yamako


    Yamako is a demon who has very little memory about her past. It is assumed that an event or culmination thereof rendered her voice broken and almost lost. Although she isn’t in pain, her voice is constantly cracking and sometimes hard to understand. She is often asked by others if she is sick...
  19. YURIalterΞgø

    【Ryan Moriyama・Hiraya】"DATI" Maalagang Pasko Remix【UTAU OPM Cover】

    Maligayang Pasko everyone! My latest cover is set to premiere @ 7pm (GMT+8) Have a wonderful Christmas Eve while listening to Ryan Moriyama and Hiraya sing "Dati"!
  20. Nene Tsuka

    Nene Tsuka

    Nene is learning human things while someone is helping her at the college. She's a non binary that came from the moon.She likes to eat pudding. Her gender is nonbinary Pronounce She/They/Them She have a brother that's one year younger than them. Nene's brother name is Aoi.