1. W

    What’s the meaning of the space between the vowel and consonant in V C oto aliasing? + Question about plosive VC oto (English CVVC)

    So I’ve been trying to make a CVVC English bank, and I’ve noticed that VC otos are all aliased like “V C” instead of “VC”. Does this have any particular meaning? Also, when otoing certain plosives like “b” or “g”, according to Delta I should oto them in a unique way so as to not encompass the...
  2. BitterSweet

    Voicebank Sweet

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  3. Sweet


    A gentle and caring big sister type. Sweet's voice ranges from smooth bass to fluttering highs. Her voice is best suited to Ballads and R&B. She is the best friend of Bitter, and one half of the BitterSweet duo. she carries an oversized spoon called 'dipper'.
  4. BitterSweet

    Voicebank Bitter

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  5. Bitter


    A crude and abrasive young girl. Bitter sings in a harsh, deep, yet energetic and chaotic style. Her voice is best suited to Rock and Electronic. She is the best friend of Sweet, and one half of the 'BitterSweet' duo. Her knife is named 'Mrs. Butterfingers', which she treats like a living friend.
  6. W

    Making an English jinriki! ...Some help please?

    So as the title says, I found that there are no English Jinriki voicebanks out there, so I thought why not and decided to make making one my goal for spring break. I mean, how bad can it be? So I chose CVVC, grabbed one of Delta's reclists because I can read Japanese, and got to work. And oh...
  7. Gehenna

    Voicebank Akatsuki Ifu [Deleted]

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  8. D

    Question about VOICE-MITH voicebanks ( Xia Yu Yao, JOAN, & OSCAR )

    So, I'm trying to get a better sense of how Chinese voicebanks work, and I've been toying with a lot of CV, CVVChinese, and of course the VOICE-MITH banks. I feel like I'm generally pretty well-learned on the topic now, but there's a particular trait of the VOICE-MITH voicebanks that I'm not...
  9. Reicheru Nintone Odyssey

    Reicheru Nintone Odyssey

    VOICEBANK INFO: Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY Voicebank Type: 3 pitch VCCV (also aliased in CVVC and Arpasing for efficiency.) Voice Type: Soft / Mature Genres: Adaptable Release Date: 01/15/2021 VB Download: Notes:This is supposed to be Reicheru’s “CORE” English bank. It consists of 3...
  10. MyuuSik

    Help needed!

    Hello everyone! I recently started working on a new Japanese CVVC Voicebank for my UTAU Yuuki Daiko. I finished recordings yesterday, using a newly bought BM800 Microphone*. I didn't rely on a Phantom Power though, which is mentioned in the instructions manual and my friends taught me about...
  11. Kyara


    He is a calm person who rarely says much and is pretty reserved, but he puts his all into everything he does. He gets along relatively well with people though doesnt usually have much to say. Simply being there is enough for him.
  12. WorkFan208

    How to make CVVC voicebank singing english?

    I want to make ECHO cover on Ruko but she has no english voicebanks but I'm so silly that I don't know How to make CVVC voicebank singing english :bigtears: Who can heelp me?:ehhh:
  13. D

    Open Looking for an English voicebank for cover

    I am trying to make an English version of a recently released song. I already have the .ust and lyrics made, but none of the English vocals I currently own are getting me a sound from it that I particularly enjoy. So, I'm looking for suggestions. It doesn't have to be your own UTAU ( though it...
  14. CurErgo

    I'm new- (+UTAU share introducing thingy lol)

    Hi im new- well Im not NEW to UTAU, I'm actually used UTAU for about 1-2years, but I am new to the forum :V So- Im actually a guy who just makes ridicilously serious UTAU TTS Jinrikis- one of them is a full-fledged multipitch CVVC of the male TTS from Here have a sample of...
  15. Rei-Chan

    Dynamite ft. Reicheru Nintone ODYSSEY [UTAU DEMO]

    Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming to my first ever premier! I am super excited to show off Reicheru's first ever English voicebank! Recording was absulutly horrible, but the fact that I actually finished has certainly made this voicebank something special, and I hope to share it with...
  16. Gaikotsu

    【UTAU COVER】Happy Halloween【Emory_CATHARSIS】

  17. Emory


    Emory is a flirty nonbinary skeleton with an easy going personality. They like soft things like plushies, girls, and they love sweets. They absolutely hate bullies and spicy foods. They aspire to be a popstar but don't have the energy to put into it. They put up a tough façade but are really a...
  18. Stella☆stara


    Name (stage name): Stella☆Stara Real name: Salla Sikala (サッラ・スィカラ), Salla is given name Animal: Pig Gender: Female (transgender MtF) Catch phrase: “Dream big, work hard!” Personality: Usually nice and bubbling person, but becomes scary if anyone comment something negative about her...
  19. CJ_ACT_!

    Single Reclist Korean CVVC Reclist

    ⋅half baked/decent ⋅doesn't have the syllables for korean's semivowel syllables [봐, 뒈] ⋅feel free to edit (like i said half baked/decent) ⋅50 lines+ This is meant to replace RonnieUniverse's KR CVVC Reclist since the link's dead Google Docs...

    Any good strong/screaming English voicebanks out there?

    I've seen some stronger voicebanks but I'm really trying to find a shouting/screamo-style UTAU that I can work with, cv/cvvc/vccv/anything will do. English preferred, again.