1. CrystalPeach

    How do I import a VCV voicebank?

    Hi! I'm not new to UTAU, but I don't know how to import a VCV voicebank into UTAU manually without using multiple folders for the same voicebank (C4, G#4, etc). I tried doing it via .UAR file, but it never works when I try to install it. Any help would be nice.
  2. Miss Aleks

    Importing a Midi in UTAU causes timing errors

    I'm sure any UST maker has had this error: Importing a midi file into UTAU and then as the song goes along, the notes get more and more off time. It seems that the notes get slightly changed in their length, like 485 instead of 480 for a quarter note. Is there any quick way to fix this? Like an...