1. Koko


    Koko is a sweet gentle giant. Love the quite, winter, snow, rain, moon, stars, and the night. personality: very fragile girl, normally friendly towards everyone, but can be hurt very easily. She is very passive, doesn't know too much on how to stand up for herself. Koko is extremely in tuned...
  2. KokoUTAU

    New to Utaforms~

    Hello guys .u. My youtube is Koko Melody My UTAU is Koko~ light airy voice. CV CVC AAAANNND CVC MULTIPITCH (KOKO [ENLIGHTEN] WILL BE COMING OUT SOON <3 currently in the process of being Oto'd! Can't wait! she'll have her very first original. please follow my youtube to keep tabs! in...
  3. jasmin00

    Critique Requested UTAU 7th Anniversary cover : Aino Erufu

    It is my UTAU's Aino Erufu's seventh anniversary! Happy birthday to my elf daughter, I love you sososo much and you're so important to me <3 you've helped me to go through so much ever since I was 12 ;; I'd also love to get some feedback of the cover ;v; I tried to tune it fully by myself this...
  4. Noémie Desanges

    Noémie Desanges

    Noémie is a million year old demon who, due to her goldfish memory, can't remember more than a week in the past. She's generally unpleasant to be around with because she's narcissitic and short-tempered. She is always bored or angry for seemingly no reason. She hates everyone and anyone and is...
  5. Lycoris Grey

    Lycoris Grey

    Name Origin: Lycoris is a Greek word that means "Twilight." Put together with Grey, their name means Twilight Grey or Grey Twilight. Species: Demon Image Colors: Red, Purple, Aqua, Black Abilities: Weather manipulation, summoning lesser demons, sound manipulation Hobbies: Playing piano, reading...
  6. jasmin00

    Critique Requested Kiki Sagawa Multipitch VCV

    I'd like to receive critique and feedback of my UTAUoid Kiki Sagawa! This multipitch VCV includes D3,F3,A3,D4,G4 and Falsetto C5 ;v; Voicebank download : Here
  7. AnnYann

    I'm having problems with incorporating a voicebank into UTAU

    Hello again. So, yesterday I installed 3 Kohaku Merry voicebanks (retake Normal, retake Balloon and Acrobat). All three are multipitch voicebanks, and I am having a lot of trouble with them. I already tried putting them on the voice folder and then clicking project/project...
  8. Milk


    Milk is a kuudere. They come off as cold and emotionless, when in reality they just don't know how to express themselves well. Not good with people, but they aim to be better. A kind person who wants to make people happy with their music.
  9. René Baudelaire

    René Baudelaire

    René has been raised by a teenage mother his whole life. Depsite her being so young, she decided to be mature and actually strived to give René the best possible childhood she could. René honors his mother in every way, and is one of the only people on the planet he's nice to. He makes his...
  10. Hinaya Nurune

    Hinaya Nurune

    Hinaya was born to an angel father and a demon mother. While his parents are outgoing and boisterous, Hinaya has always been reserved and not emotive. He was raised in a wealthy household, but was taught to be humble, and thus became generous and polite. Hinaya requested to venture into the...
  11. Paris Carlisle

    Paris Carlisle

    Paris was constructed by a company in the 1950s to be a butler robot. He was set up to be advertised as a perfect mechanical servant, programmed with a pleasant, calm demeanor and motherly tone. However, Paris was the only prototype to be made, as the company ran into problems getting...
  12. Lewis Wendelken

    Lewis Wendelken

    Lewis was constructed in the 1950s by an engineer working for Wendelken Enterprises. When he was shown to the CEO, he was amazed at the craftmanship and made him the mascot of the company. Lewis took the company's name as his surname and assumed the position of the mascot. Wendelken Enterprises...
  13. trinkhk


    A cover I helped tune! Y’all should dl this VB! The range is really stellar (from a C3 pitch to a C5 falsetto!)
  14. Rei-Chan

    Reicheru Nintone ULTIMATE Demo!

    With Breath of The Wild 2 coming to the Switch, I thought Reicheru Nintone would dress accordingly for this song! Reicheru Nintone's ULTIMATE demo is out! I'm so happy to be able to showcase my very first multipitch! Thanks to YeDevs for the lovely oto, I couldn't be happier! I hope you enjoy...
  15. Paperfish

    UTAU not registering prefixmap

    I've created prefixmaps plenty of times; this is the first time I've ever had any complications. Basically; prefixmap is in place. OTO is generated. Files are in subfolders. Aliases all have pitch suffixes. Everything runs exactly as intended when I open the folders as separate voices. I load...
  16. Nobu Hisakawa

    Nobu Hisakawa

    Name: Nobu Hisakawa Height: 160cm without his shoes on, 164cm with his shoes on Age: 18 Nobu is very shy. He rarely interacts with anyone and doesn't express his feelings. He actively tries to push away anyone trying to be his friend. His face is always very unexpressive. He likes hiding in the...
  17. Kurokiba-kun


    Kurokiba-kun's Profile Personality: Yankee Boy/Tsundere Weight: 44kg Height: 1,59cm Relations: Tagane Tori(Friend), Daigo(Friend), Maka-chanloid(Friend), Tagane Sora(Friend), Lilia(Friend), Kaine Zaoto(Bully/Friend), Kaine Ryuuta(Master!), Honne Kami(Friend), Zoe(Extrange Relationship)...
  18. Kaine Zaoto

    Kaine Zaoto

    Kaine Zaoto's Profile: Personality: Shy/Joyful Weight: 54kg Height: 1,63cm Relations: Tagane Tori(Brother Figure), Daigo(Friend), Maka-chanloid(Friend), Tagane Sora(Friend), Lilia(Friend), Kurokiba-kun(Bully/Friend), Kaine Ryuuta(Little Brother), Honne Kami(Friend), Zoe(Bully/Friend)...
  19. Keromi Lilli

    Keromi Lilli

  20. SparkyPsychc

    Closed Art Searching for a female vp! Will offer digital art!

    Hello! It's been around 2 years since i've kinda left this forum for... Some reason. Okay, so i'm looking for a female voice provider for my utau (if it got voiced, that is). More precisely, a bright, strong, screamy rockish voice, since she's kinda supposed to be a rock vocalist. I would...