1. GraySlate

    Voicebank Cherilee

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  2. Cherilee


    Cherilee is a succubus, once a resident of Circle 7 of Hell, Violence. Currently, she resides in Circle 2, Lust. Cheri relocated after a major change in identity; she once was known as Roselle, a feared woman who headed up a prominent mafia family in Circle 7. Due to a major conflict between...
  3. Nene Tsuka

    Nene Tsuka

    Nene is learning human things while someone is helping her at the college. She's a non binary that came from the moon.She likes to eat pudding. Her gender is nonbinary Pronounce She/They/Them She have a brother that's one year younger than them. Nene's brother name is Aoi.
  4. YURIalterΞgø

    【Matsudappoiyo】 Full Service OST - "Kimi No Te / Your Hands" 【UTAU Cover ・ My 1st UTAU Anniversary】

    Eyyo whadup! How are y'all doing :sing: New upcoming cover premiering 11/24 @ 7pm PH Standard Time, hope y'all can make it! :love:
  5. Biggity_Boy

    Voicebank Doreiku Ocharakeru

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  6. Biggity_Boy

    Doreiku Ocharakeru

    Favorite Color: Gray Eyes: Gray Clothes: Main- He wears a tux with a black bowtie, black dress pants, and dress shoes. Alt- He wears gray sweats and a gray hoodie. Personality: You can use him however you want. Note- There is not enough info about him but here are some. - He struggles to make...
  7. D

    Voicebank eseph

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  8. eseph


    A mysterious android from an unknown land. It is believed that he is from a world where androids are very commonplace. Eseph himself seems to be built for music instruction, but has an odd voice resulting from a defect. He is extremely curious and impressionable, though becomes anxious easily...
  9. NegaiUta

    Voicebank Nagisa Maeno

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  10. Nagisa Maeno

    Nagisa Maeno

    -Info on Nagisa Maeno- Name in kanji/hiragana: 前野 なぎさ Age: 18 Pronouns: she/her or they/them Personality can be flexible for any song, with the exception of hate speech and bigotry.
  11. Rei-Chan

    We Miss You -Theme of Love- feat. Reicheru Nintone ULTIMATE

    April 20th marks MOTHER 3's 15th Anniversary! I hadn't initially planned to have this cover released on the 20th, but thanks to my lack of remembering dates, it sorta came together! Regardless, I am actually quite proud of this cover, and hope you all enjoy it as well! Mother 3 in particular...
  12. Tasteloid

    Voicebank Sweet

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  13. Sweet


    A gentle and caring big sister type. Sweet's voice ranges from smooth bass to fluttering highs. Her voice is best suited to Ballads and R&B. She is the best friend of Bitter, and one half of the BitterSweet duo. she carries an oversized spoon called 'dipper'. she likes to bake treats for Sour.
  14. Gully


    working on a new bio tbd
  15. Koko


    Koko is a sweet gentle giant. Love the quite, winter, snow, rain, moon, stars, and the night. personality: very fragile girl, normally friendly towards everyone, but can be hurt very easily. She is very passive, doesn't know too much on how to stand up for herself. Koko is extremely in tuned...
  16. KokoUTAU

    New to Utaforms~

    Hello guys .u. My youtube is Koko Melody My UTAU is Koko~ light airy voice. CV CVC AAAANNND CVC MULTIPITCH (KOKO [ENLIGHTEN] WILL BE COMING OUT SOON <3 currently in the process of being Oto'd! Can't wait! she'll have her very first original. please follow my youtube to keep tabs! in...
  17. jasmin00

    Critique Requested UTAU 7th Anniversary cover : Aino Erufu

    It is my UTAU's Aino Erufu's seventh anniversary! Happy birthday to my elf daughter, I love you sososo much and you're so important to me <3 you've helped me to go through so much ever since I was 12 ;; I'd also love to get some feedback of the cover ;v; I tried to tune it fully by myself this...
  18. KATSU


    Orientation: Homosexual Species: Undead Personality: Carefree, not as scary as he looks Story: He woke up in a ditch with no idea how he got there or why. He remembers very little about his previous life, but has adjusted well to being a zombie. He ended up becoming a musician, and most of his...
  19. Noémie Desanges

    Noémie Desanges

    Noémie is a million year old demon who, due to her goldfish memory, can't remember more than a week in the past. She's generally unpleasant to be around with because she's narcissitic and short-tempered. She is always bored or angry for seemingly no reason. She hates everyone and anyone and is...
  20. Lycoris Grey

    Lycoris Grey

    Name Origin: Lycoris is a Greek word that means "Twilight." Put together with Grey, their name means Twilight Grey or Grey Twilight. Species: Demon Image Colors: Red, Purple, Aqua, Black Abilities: Weather manipulation, summoning lesser demons, sound manipulation Hobbies: Playing piano, reading...