1. feelingiconiic

    UTAU-Synth suffix broker not working correctly (VCV to CV specifically)

    So of course UTAU-Synth is a mess, but as of now i have a CV voicebank that i want to use for the Virgo .UST by half-a-head, but its in VCV. I tried using suffix broker and all it did was make the lyrics blank (images attached) . I have a couple of USTs that ive tried converting VCV to CV that...
  2. autumnstwilight

    (Beginner UST) So this sounds... bad. How do I fix it?

    Hi, So I like fan songs and translating lyrics and would like to use UTAU to create demos. I may have decided to dive in at the deep end here, but I spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to get UTAU and a voicebank working, figuring out what stuff means and does, etc. I'm using an Arpasing...
  3. Space Project

    Looking for someone to make a UST

    EDIT: Please don't make any offers! I can't go through with this due to no permission for commercial use. -- Hello! I was wondering if anyone out there would take a commission for a CV or VCV Japanese (either is fine) UST of Suki Suki Daisuki by Jun Togawa (song, lyrics, fanmade instrumental)...
  4. Shadowespio

    Adding lyrics in utau-synth

    Is there any way I can download USTs that already have lyrics in them? I'm new to this so I think it'd be easier to try tuning for the first time with lyrics, so that I'm able to learn the basics before doing my own stuff. If this isn't possible, then I totally get that too.
  5. M

    Ust saved, but not showing on pc

    Hey there, today I ran into an issue with saving my UST. I'm working on a cover rn and I usually open Utau and open the ust via Files>Recent. No problem there, everything shows up, it saves my changes, etc. But I can't find the file on my computer... It's just not there, apparently. Tried saving...
  6. Marcos Cejas

    UST True my Heart 2020-11-10

    Song: True My Heart (ave;new feat. Saori Sakura). Hello boys. I was almost forgetting that I had an account on this site... I leave you an ust that I did about 7 or 8 months ago. I hope you like it! Bye...
  7. H

    Exported VSQ has notes turned into question marks

    I need to convert an ust to a vsq file, but for some reason, when I open an ust and then export it to vsq, it changes all the notes to "?" (question marks). I have set my locale to Japanese, and I can use utau just fine (besides that question mark thing). I tried exporting as vsq before, and it...
  8. Amzsie

    【UTAU ANNIVERSARY】That Rainy Day【Ami Taiyo VCCV English RELEASE】+ UST

    I've released Ami Taiyo's english bank!! I wasnt sure this day would every come, but here it is! Please check out the demo <3 If theres anything in the bank that needs editing, feel free to tell me! Thank you for reading! Direct Download...
  9. emgy805

    VPR Conversion?

    Hey, could I trouble someone to convert a VPR file for me? I'd prefer it as a VSQX, VSQ, or a UST. (I need someone else to convert it because I don't have any Vocaloid programs, unfortunately.)
  10. Axiomatic-Vertex

    Missing UST collab sheet

    Hi everyone, I've just made a collab spreadsheet for songs which don't have USTs! EDIT: made it private because no one seems to care and it's kinda pointless, I'll just use it to keep track of USTs I'm making or have made lol This sheet is for songs which have no UST available online. You are...
  11. Pixelody Chiptune

    Help! Laggy Unusable UST

    Hello! So i downloaded a "Hate it, Hate it, Huge ego!" UST file from But when i opened the project Utau crashed. When i tried to open it again, I waited and after a while i was able to set my voicebank, but when the UST loaded... THIS HAPPENED! Everything was...
  12. Kraemar16

    Can somebody who is good at making usts please make a Let's say the p names ust please

    I cant find one anywhere
  13. Labrys

    Yamine Renri not singing certain notes

    Hi I'm new to Utau and I ran into a problem that I've been trying to fix for a bit. I'm doing marginal (UST Link) with Yamine Renri and Idk if it's the UST or her wav files but she's not singing certain notes. Specifically (:30) i れ, (:39) i ず ,u いF, (:67) - らS. Labeled time stamps and colored...
  14. kinokiita

    Help in covering a song when there's no UST for it?

    There's this nice song I found and I can't find an UST or even a cover for it, I wanna try covering it but since I can't find any USTs I don't know how it would work out
  15. kyara

    【Utau Cover】Regulus 【Kyarami】+ UST

    i decided to do a cover for my favourite song from my favourite otome game ozmafia >.> i put the ust for download too. its my third time making one so i think im getting better at it
  16. Katie-Chae


    uaaa this was a lot of work to make and i'm not sure how i feel about the rap part ;; tuning rap is too hard. utaus used: LE: Kin Kaneko Hani: SELKY Hyelin: Hakuno Ku Solji: Crecia Selestewa Junghwa: Ami Taiyo
  17. degurepastel

    How to pitch usts to fit the voice range of an UTAU vb

    helo helo okay I'm trying to make a cover of Umitagari by MARETU but I find that the ust I'm using (chocolatte) is too low for most of my utau voicebanks (and the ones I'd want to use). I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to raise the pitch or change the key of a ust. (I'm also still...
  18. Xepheris

    【Milk/ミルク Arpasing】Feeling of Falling【UTAU】+UST/VSQx

  19. leticia.l

    ust on vcv vb (ritsu kire)

    hello. everytime i try to open an .ust file on utau like this: this error appear: can someone please help me? i'm almost givin' up.
  20. Kowareta33

    【Rinne Tsubasa】me【UTAUカバー】+ust

    [From desc] This song was so beautiful, I had to make a cover. (I also made an original PV cuz why not?) I also tested out a new tuning style, cuz the pitch perfect style of tuning/singing was getting boring. Tried to make her sound like an amateur utaite this time around~ --- ☁ ☁ ☁ ' ' ''' '...