1. Kazumimi

    Resolved How to Earn Utabucks?

    Sorry to ask this, but how does one earn utabucks? I've read that it's from being active on this forum, but I wanted to know if there are any specific things to do that earn them. I'm just a little confused on how the whole thing works. ^^" (I'd really like to earn some because I want to get...
  2. sleepysheep7

    What exactly are Utabucks?

    while I know enough about forums to stumble my way around I'm not exactly sure what this currency is. Is it something for getting special access to stuff? Or is it just something that Utaforums does for fun?
  3. Rice Life

    Tokens and cash what are they and why when i trade i didn't get any tokens?

    i forgot but when i first joined and gained some cash*(utabucks) , i traded most of it for some coins and i don't know what to do with it, it gave me zero tokens i was sad , and there still are zero what's the point of tokens? can someone please answer this? i know what you can buy with utabucks
  4. UtaUtaUtau

    Anyone would want to illustrate for me?

    Yea basically, that's it. Anyone would illustrate Teto with that Lost Destination feel for me? A good example of the illustration is the one used in kyaami's cover, which is this: I wouldn't like the exact same pose but, if you can't then it's fine :D And it's Teto too lelel I finished the...