wip voicebank

  1. WeegeeSpirit

    [Milton CV] Ugh, Milf, and Gospel (feat. VAI and Defoko)

  2. chiisai

    Looking for voice provider for kire VCV

    I can take any voice type, but I’m mostly Looking for a Deep feminine voice provider to do KIRE vcv and a vccv English voicebank (other languages are welcomed too). I’m currently working on her artwork but I can describe what voice type I’m looking for. something along the lines of like the utau...
  3. kkoble5

    WIP Critique Requested Afterburner cover

    ISO: critique! This vb is still in the works but here they are! https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/AYEx9H6SFJmgHqXo9
  4. P

    Where should I upload my voicebank?

    I've been thinking of this for a while, any suggestions?
  5. Sync_Ye

    WIP Critique Requested 失う(Ushinau)【桐山ルアン 】

    Just a test, the soft voicebank used in this cover was not done a re-work yet so it keeps ringing strange, but the normal voicebank is practically. I wanted to do this cover with my new voicebank that I am working on because the autoCVVC does not want to cooperate with me and adapt this UST to...
  6. Kikuhiko

    WIP 心做し 【Mani Hatsu -poppy- 】Voicebank Test

    so far this bank entails: - 6 sets (3 regular, 3 calm) - vocal fry (Beginning vowels, vowel tweens, and end vowels) - sh/sh consonants, as well as arpasing for hard consonants like t and k - rolled r's - 4 inhales, 3 exhales - 3 different end breaths probably more but i forgot for now but I'm...
  7. PaulingClover

    Why Can't I Even Dream (Lady Ophelia) (Opera Utau)

    I'm developing an opera/classical utau inspired by Prima (Vocaloid 2)! She's definitely a WIP so be mindful of that. I'd love to hear what you think! I'm a trained opera singer, so I thought it'd be fun to make a soprano utau.
  8. Mei-Saime

    Critique Requested Yuzuko Type Alpha Test

    This is a test of Yuzuko's Type-Alpha VB. Please note that this has a moresampler oto for the sake of the test. I'm making this VB to improve the quality over her last one.
  9. Sync_Ye

    【UTAUカバー】 Recomeçar Cover 【Ye_Project WIP】

    Ust By Quiron P WIP Voicebank Ye_Project
  10. N

    Inactive Offering OTO N-KUN ARPasing looking for otoer

    Okay so N-KUN Arpasing is fully recorded. I am looking for people willing to donate there time to oto my voiebank. This is a new format of doing english and will further your experience in the otoing field. If you put up that you want to oto for commision after doing my voicebank I will promote...