1. FelineWasteland

    Single Reclist oto.ini OREMO Recording Package Salem-style English CVVC v1.1.0

    Link includes reclists, base otos, presamp templates, and a detailed tutorial for making and using S-CVVC voicebanks. Demonstrations: Introduction Salem-Style English CVVC, or Salem CVVC / S-CVVC for short, is not a single reclist, but rather a method and style guide for English DIY vocal...
  2. Sync_Ye

    Critique Requested 【KanekoFalls_PT】TOWER OF MISTAKES 【X-SAMPA UTAU】

    RecList Demo release
  3. SynthJ

    New English Reclist

    Hey all, so I totally should've posted this so long ago but .... I got really busy and never got around to it!! I just wanted to create this thread to share an English list I've been working on. In this demo, my voicebank Jack only had 476 files!! Demo : We only own Jack, not Alice.16 Hope...
  4. SynthJ

    What would you like?

    Hello everyone! As some of you may know, I have been working on creating the commercial UTAU Jack- who has his Japanese bank being released July 8th! Basically I have been going over the plan for the release of these voicebanks- which I will now disclose. -The Japanese and English standalone...