1. Animé Fan

    X.3. 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y50B50H5F50 or Y50B50H5F50-3 Voice provided by MaryKosmosVer2
  2. Animé Fan

    R.E. 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y90B25H0F90L100T100g-10 This voicebank can also be used as a CV. This voicebank is formerly D.T.'s YOUTH Append. Voice provided by @RaccoonButler.
  3. Animé Fan

    [UTAU] Trancing Pulse [XOTA]

    It's been a long time since I did actual group songs with the XOTA units. This is probably due to personal reasons that I'd rather not say and other people would never really listen to. But after finding some time and regaining my confidence, I managed to finally make more group covers. Years...
  4. Animé Fan

    I.V. 2.0

    Recommended Flags: Y100B5H20F99g-1 autocvvc plugin is required to use this voicebank. Voice provided by @partial.
  5. Animé Fan

    [UTAU] Pollyanna [Q.P.]

    Ever since the other XOTA units came to the world, Q.P. nearly became dead to the world, which made me both sad and mad. In truth, I'm the one who's really to blame because I've been too busy helping the other units get recognized that I almost left Q.P., the first XOTA unit, in the dust and the...
  6. Animé Fan

    O.G. AQUA 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y50B5H0F10g-5 In order to make this Append sing CVVC well, put the Preutterance and Overlap at around 5ms. Voice provided by Araki.
  7. Animé Fan

    "Deserves to be Ignored"?

    Ever since the birth of the other XOTA units, it's as if Q.P. kind of no longer exists anymore. Since he's my main UTAU, it really makes me sad that he's not getting enough attention and appreciation compared to the other units. I wish there's something I could do to help him, but as how many...
  8. Animé Fan

    K.C. FUJI 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y100B5H0F100g-5 K.C.'s FUJI Append is stronger than his CORE and SHION Appends. Because of that, it works best with songs that involve high notes. Voice provided by MaryKosmosVer2.
  9. Animé Fan

    K.C. 2.0

    Recommended Flags: Y100B5H5F100g-7 This voicebank is also the Young Male voice in @partial's Project MVUCE. Voice provided by MaryKosmosVer2.
  10. Animé Fan

    O.G. ACT2 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y50B50H0F50g-4 This voicebank combines O.G.'s ACT2 with his WHISPER Append. Voice provided by Araki.
  11. Animé Fan

    Q.P. MAVEN Redesign

    I've come to a decision that I should redesign Q.P.'s MAVEN Append. This is what it originally looks like: Don't get me wrong. I love this design, but I feel the hairstyle just doesn't say "Q.P.". I already have a Longhair Module made for him prior to his voicebank release, so I can use that...
  12. Animé Fan

    J.C. 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y0H0F1BRE0g+3 Voice provided by @Iris Dragonoure.
  13. Animé Fan

    Project XOTA

    In response to an old forum I made back when I was still new, I've decided to start up this thread for any XOTA-related projects. For those who are unfamiliar, the XOTA units or XOTAloids are a group of UTAU modeled after the "shonen" or "young boy" concept. Each unit represents certain themes...
  14. Animé Fan

    There Goes Another One

    A short story that popped up in my head as I was going to bed last night and I wanted to write it down. It's supposed to be written through Q.P.'s perspective. January 4, 2017 "A boy died today. That might not sound like a big deal, but what I'm about to tell you will hopefully make you think...
  15. Animé Fan

    D.T. GOLD 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y99B20H0F50g-5 D.T.'s GOLD Append is more powerful than his CORE Append and because it is two-pitched, this voicebank works best for heavy metal music or songs that involve a lot of shouting. Voice provided by MaryKosmosVer2.
  16. Animé Fan

    O.G. CYAN 2.0

    Recommended Flags: Y99B50H0F99g-2 Though this is O.G.'s louder Append, it's equally wispy compared to his other voicebanks. Nonetheless, it's still a loud Append; however, it's highly not recommended for hard rock, heavy metal, or screamo songs. Voice provided by Araki.
  17. Animé Fan

    Q.P. ROSE 1.1

    Recommended Flags: Y100B0H0F0g-5 Q.P.'s ROSE Append is capable of singing in Japanese, but only with Hiragana USTs. Here are the sounds that go under specific aliases: VOWELS a = Japanese A i/E = Japanese I u = Japanese U e = Japanese E o = Japanese O @ = cat 1 = bit 7 = tug 3 = hurt 9 = pull...
  18. Animé Fan

    Should I Make More XOTAloids?

    Even though they're still too new to the UTAU community, something's been telling me that I should add more XOTAloids. Even if that were to happen, I don't think I'll be able to find voice providers for them. I could always reuse some unnamed or obsolete UTAU voicebanks in my stash, but I fear...
  19. Animé Fan

    Ask a Unit

    I think it's about time for the XOTA units to try and interact with other people, so here they are: Q.P. O.G. D.T. J.C. K.C. I.V. R.E. X.3. Got something you'd like to ask one or all? Ask away and they'll answer to their best ability. If your question is for more than one of...
  20. Animé Fan

    D.T. 1.0

    Recommended Flags: Y50B10H0F20g-10 This is formerly Okashi Amane's BRIGHT Append. Voice provided by MaryKosmosVer2.