Ruko's Ruffians
Defender of Defoko

Name & Name Meaning: ANUBIS
Gender: Unknown (ANUBIS is of the opposite gender of GUAU)
Age: + 13.000
Country of Origin: Spain
Nationality/Race: Egyptian / A dream-eater (More or less like a Baku) with a great knowledge about sorcery.
Voice Type: Mature, soft.
Optimum Range: D2~B5 (A3)
Encoding: Romaji
Aliases: Hiragana
Voicebank Type: CV VC Multilanguage
Preconfigured OTO: Yes
Appends/Multiple Banks: N/A
Languages: Multilanguage VB (Full capability with Japanese, latin, spanish, esperanto. Perhaps, the VB can be use for other languages like Italian, german, chinese...)
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