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    So, I was wondering if there where any who liked the Black & White game series (or find it interesting), that would like to share their experience with it. And maybe share which creature were your favourite and such.
    I've only played Black & White 2, and I've never completed it (I stopped playing on what I think is the final island, the evil monkey was tearing down my walls).:annoyed:
    The first time I played it I think I chosed the wolf. I trained him to help the villagers instead of killing platoons (although he did kill some on the second norse land, the one with the catchy barrel throwing song). He wasn't so helpfull when it came down to the evil monkey. I didn't build up his muscles and he only knew the fireball miracle.
    I played as a city builder, and ended up as neutral (people kept asking for more houses, babies, and food, so I couldn't keep upp):blink:babies, babies everywhere.

    Recently I've started the game over again, and I quite like the cow. He's quite cute, and confusing. I plan on not playing blindly and read some guides, so I can be more effective, and beat the game.

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