Breasts problem on my model


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I hope this is good place to ask about it ..

I have problem with breasts .. don't know if joints, or physics or bones are wrong but i done everything THE SAME (one bone for breasts, same numbers etc etc) step by step with tutorial here:

With this i tried too:

I add screens too.

Don't know how to fix it .. literally spent long hours for weeks on this and nothing, always the same (trying change bones, physics, joints, weight of breasts, everything what necessary). Breasts just always deforming and didn't follow the body or they just act irrationally heavy weird. Any advises how fix this please? I would apprieciate instruction step by step if possible.


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We're not really an MMD community. You might have more luck on an MMD community (perhaps seek a discord to join)?

That said, it looks like these are two vertexes that arent weighted/attached to a bone.
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