Clothes twisted wrong

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Does anyone know how to get the clothes twisted with the Aerm right, without making it look like this. I'm wotrking on my model but can't seem to make the twist work properly
(with only the body the Arem twist worked, so I guess the clothes are at fault but weighing didn't help)


Sapphire Bright

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UPDATE: I found the solution! You need to delete the X-Bones and create new one's with the SemiStandartBone Plugin.

1.Delete the x-bones
2.Go to Edit--->Plug-in---> User--->SemiStandartBone---> Dat thing where PMX is written behind
3. Uncheck グルーブボーン and click ok, a window will pop up saying everything is done, just confirmby clicking the button below and everything should be fine now

You can check on Transform View