Describe the Utau Fandom in Four Words


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"this sounds so good" -While tuning part of something
"This sounds like crap" - when I actually listen to it

"Can't find [insert UTAU name here]'s cover..." :ehhh:

"It's dying isn't it?" :bigtears:

"I'm gonna do this!"
Months later
"Still haven't done that."


Outwardly Opinionated and Harshly Critical
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"male utau with boobs"
"needs tighter fitting clothes"
"just scrap the clothing"
"yes, naked is perfect"
(in reference to a semi-recent surge in characters that might as well be in porn and not utau)

"I forgot to record"
"I voice 62 voicebanks"
"oc do not steal"
"I did that first!"
(in reference to people complaining about character art/design theft when it's either just inspired or not similar at all)

"how to get popular"
"I'm doing free otos!"
"jk lol screw that"

"made my own resampler"
"you wouldn't understand it"
"I'm smarter than you"


Ritsu's Renegades
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"Will draw for oto's"
"the pitch is wrong"
"where's the off vocal?"
"my resampler keeps crashing"
"the yeti is good"
"the yeti actually sucks"

we don't know anything
heres my 15th appened

utau with 300/2 pitches
wheres the ust download?
english utaus sound bad
is the community dead?