Favourite Anime and Manga?

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  1. AlphaUtau

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    Angel Beats!, Baka To test, Mirai Nikki, Yuru Yuri and Madoka Magica.

    I also really liked  Rabbit Doubt, Code Geass, Durarara!!, Fullmetal Alchemist, Another, Black Rock Shooter. TOO MANY OWO
  2. Lemondolly

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    My top ten:
    1.) D. Gray-man
    2.) Eden of the East
    3.) Ouran Highschool Host Club
    4.) Angel Beats
    5.) Rosario Vampire
    6.) Toradora
    7.) Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokoro-chan
    9.) Sacred Blacksmith
    10.) Black Butler
  3. HulderBulder

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    first anime: elfelied
    First manga: D. Gray-man
    still my favorites :smile:
    And shiki ofcourse c:
  4. Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

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    I have a LOT of fave anime. To list all of them would take a LONG time.
    As a sample, here's some:

    the Gundam metaseries (I'm a HUGE Gundam fan)
    Yu-Gi-Oh! (the 1st series, GX, 5D's)
    Angel Beats!
    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
    Kimi ni Todoke
    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Code Geass....

    and I think I'll end the list here.
  5. LunaAkimine

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    1) Cardfight !! Vanguard
    don't judge, i find the anime underated. the manga is zzz and there are similarities to Yu Gi Oh and the art style scares me. But the plot and art in the anime is quite nice. Season 2 seemed rushed but the fights are better in a sense. Aichi Sendou is my husband dajhkfdjhjfkda dammit he's so sexy when he became bad in season 1 jdksfdjsdf and i like how the anime shows maturity over the episodes. oh and in season 3, puberty strikes and aichi became sexy djakfjhkdsaf *nosebleed* too much kawaii in 2 seasons. i can't judge on season 3 though since it only just started airing for about 10 episodes. Oh right, Vanguard radio makes me ship kaichi so much harder than ever. (did i mention how aichi and aichi's seiyuu make a good trap)

    2) Katekyo Hitman Reborn
    i find the plot interesting and all that and the characters are quite hot (but none of them caught my eye so mehh)
    the manga was okay but the ending was shit. other than that the anime is quite touching and all and the pairings and OTPs are all over. Episodewise i find it a lil bit too long mainly because they wasted a lot of episodes on the dying will bullet. but then again, there's like so many arcs so... i guess that's fine.

    3) Pandora Hearts.
    mindburn, that plot.
  6. Talismand

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    Here is a list of my favorite that i did finish...just because the other one would be a bit long ><

    Tenjho Tenge
    Ruroni Kenshin
    Sword Art Online
    Blue Submarine#6
    Zatch Bell
    Fullmetal Panic
    Black Lagoon
    Gurren Lageen
    Yu-Gi-Oh and GX
    Peace Maker Kurogane
    gundam seed
    gundam 00
    Digimon 1st and 2nd series
    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Dragonball z and GT
    i think thats about all i can think of ;^^
  7. MillyAqualine

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    Well, I'm rather in magical girls and surnatural stories, whe it's not detective ones....

    I think my first animes ever were Pokémon (Sacha/Red/Ash/freakyouforchanginghisnameineveryversionoralmost POWAAAAAAAAAAAH), Fruits Basket (damn that opening *_* still running in mymind) and Détective Conan <3 I used to watch a bit of Digimon though I forgot most of it OTL And I watched Code Lyôko too

    After my first mangas were DN Angel, Tokyo Mew Mew and Mermaid Melody. Like a lazy butt I forgot to buy the rest of DN Angel serie (as result I'm damn late-late chocolate) and I end up with only the very first book ^^"'

    TMM and MM. Some may consider me as a baby to love them, but jeez, those were my first -finished- mangas and I don't regret it because each time the story was kinda interesting and the artstyle was looking adorable~

    Also I'm gonna put everything about it and about the other manga/anime I like in a spoiler because I couldn't shorten it OTL I know people prefer post-it to walls but sorrowfully it's hard to put a few words for so much feelings QAQ"'

    Funny trivia : when I started Tokyo Mew Mew, I began with the.... 6th book because it was the only one on sale when I went to shop OTL Though it didn't stop me, and thus, I ordered the rest of the serie + the last book and loved it to no end... And even if it's your daily majokko kawaiimoedesu shoujo, it didn't avoid me to get feels -especially during the final battle and when Ryô and Masaya's past is revealed, oh boy...
    It also leaded me to make for the first time OCs on RP forums dedicated to it and trained me more to imagine stories and such... And also train myself on arting, as before my manga period which is still running, my art was awfully terrible, even more than now... Anyway, you can feel it and judge it based on the softness, big eyes and watercolour-inspired shading I tend to make...

    When Tokyo Mew Mew à la mode appeard, I was waiting for it to be edited in French (and Gosh, I will forever remember it because 1 year of delay for something which was putting around 6-7 months originally to arrive in your country, for a first time it's seriously hard... Which is why I manage to keep calm at HL3 status hah)

    Of course like some fans, I was kinda sad it was Berry who was leading the group and not any of the existing mewmew (like Minto, my favourite <3) and that she was too close to Ichigo's personality and stuffs, but at the same time, I loved her and was disappointed at all the hate she was having

    For Mermaid Melody, well I love stories based on mermaids and rest of merfolk so that can explain this... Without mentioning the influence of the Disney version of the Little Mermaid (because if you read the actual Little mermaid story and how does it end up, or watch Marina + listen to the Little Mermaid sung by Luka, then you can understand why I prefer the happy-ending stories inspired by it)

    Also because well... It leads to the same reason why I entered the Vocaloid/UTAU adventure... Because since I was a little child, I always dreamnt to be a singer... But sorrowfully due to my appearance, and the fact my voice is horrible and doesn't match my look well...

    Same things which appealed me : story, artstyle, characters... And again newlove for OC making -though without putting any fanfiction online-

    Thankfully I could read in chronological order, and damn, each page was great~

    I never watched the anime version of those until the end, but I watched some clips on YT... No need to say for Tokyo Mew Mew I was disappointed, and even more when it came to non-Japanese versions versions *coughhorribleopeningIpreferedthecuteonesungbyacutesingercoughWTFMasayawithashoutavoiceexceptintheFrenchversioncoughforGod'ssakewhychangingthenameoftheshowandcharacters'namescoughwhychangingsituationoftheirfirstmeeting??*... Though there was a bright side -yes, I'm not on acid, there's a bright side to it- : at least it was good in the way every µµ was getting as much attention, especially backstory-wise (like in the manga we know NEARLY NOTHING of Zakuro, while in the anime, she has a backstory kinda detailed)

    I also regret Ringo only appears in the bonus story Petite Mew Mew and in the video game ;_;"' And that there's not any anime version including TMM à la mode story + the video game (though if it happens please, avoid the fiasco)

    For Mermaid Melody, well... Differences too, however I enjoyed the fact of an anime because we could hear their songs and their voices, and strangely they fit to what I imagined for them~ Except maybe Lucia and Karen...IMO I prefer Caren's voice from the French version and Lucia's voice from original Japanese version... And damn Lina sounds epic in all of them *_* Especially the Italian one woaow <3 and I also regret Coco and Noëlle haven't any solo song >.<"' But oh well... Also I got some WTF moments like.... Hippo's voice. When he turns into a young human boy it fits way much better, whereas... I think it would have been better to make a deeper (but like, DEEPer) voice for his penguin form because in the manga he was acting and looking so serious that I was imagining him having a different voice for this form... Though I admit it, I died of laughing at this memorable part seen on YT, where he tries to sing Legend of Mermaid haha... Also seems the anime has some tiny bonus things which seemed neat, like the "mission" of Coco who needs to find back the seashell containing Sara's memories...

    Damn, I wish there could be a new season for both of them but oh well... It's up to the author and anyway, I don't know which could serve as new sequel so ;_; Thankfully fanfictions exist, even though I never really dared to write fully one and publish it on DA or any place of the Internet...

    Then, after I met Jigoku Shoujo. On a cartoon-making website I go on, there was a person who created one which was an adaptation (with a few differences though) of the first episode. Puzzled by this, I decided to watch it and... Despite a very gloom story, compared with the darkest moments of TMM and MM, I liked it and decided to watch it on YT... Moreover, it was useful because then I could train myself with languages, as the uploader was putting the original version with Spanish subtitles~ However, as a coward, I do admit some episodes were kinda hard to bear. That's why once I finished to watch the two first seasons, I didn't dare to watch the third one... Never tried the manga, but seems there are differences between them ?

    Recently in high school, a few years after all of this, it was hard to me to find a new manga/anime to hype as in my heart, Tokyo mew mew and Mermaid Melody are still my greatest favourite ones... Until a few girls in my class (who were reading mangas) proposed me some... The first one was Ace Edge (is that the title in English ? Because over here it's called "Professeur Eiji" so m'well) and Yamato Nadeshiko

    Eiji is fun, and I liked the fact it was treating about psychology and such... Artstyle was of course, different from the one I was used to, but it was still pleasant to eyes... Story is touching too, especially the backstory of Eiji when he was still working as a freelance journalist... I haven't continued it yet, and for the moment, the last book read is the 8th ._."''

    Yamato Nadeshiko. Oh boy. I feel kinda mixed though about it and I won't place it amongst my favourite, but even if I wasn't in fond of the excess of fanservice, the story kinda erm and the harem genre, I still appreciated it for a few things. First, the heroin was TOTALLY at the opposite of your Classical Shoujo Moeblob. Like, I loved the fact she was a d4rk girl loving horror stories and such <3 (not that I love horror stories, but I mean, if some are tired of the cute girl with puffy hair and is like "I love you" and is like "it's so kawaii desuuuuu~", then maybe try to search on this side ? )

    Also the fact it gets so random that it's funny... I've not finished it, last book I read was the...10th ? And the last thing I liked, was the passage

    On my last high school year and until the beginning of my first college one, I started another manga called Papillon, which I finished to read... Same comment for Eiji, except maybe in a goffier way ? Though the love story was pretty touching (and yet I swear it, usually I'm not in fond of love stories, except if they get importance or can lead to a certain part of the script)... Artstyle was soft to eyes, story well, often used but still efficient... and the last book oh God, I had the strongest feelings ever.

    Then, due to this sudden manga fever, I wanted to do something : as I couldn't advance much the anime of Détective Conan (my last memory was when Hattori gave to Conan/Shinichi alcohol which permitted him to go back to normal for a very short period), I wanted to read the manga so I could see if there were huge differences... Ahlàlà, either in the manga I'm reading or the anime I used to watch, I still effin LOVE it

    And recently I go back to "old" mangas and animes as I got again a nostalgia fever (though yeah, I know you're going to say "Duuuuh you cannot say that you weren't existing in the 80's !" but when I see people who get a new hype for those epocas, I feel like using the key and opening the memories box for everyone...Ok maggle*.)

    Sooooo I began to get love for Hikaru no Densetsu (if someone who only watched the French version of the anime goes here, it's "Cynthia ou le rythme de la vie" fyi), Sailor Moon and Sailor V (well, I was already feeling some liking towards it, but even if I watched some parts of the anime version on YT, I never had the occasion until now to start the manga version), Cat's eye... Cat's eye damn, both the manga and the anime version are great <3 And I began to get a growing love for the opening and ending songs of the anime version *_*

    On newer mangas side, I begin to read Woodstock (a manga about rock music and a dude who founded a group which he was the only actual member and then decide to make it a legit group with his friends) if anyone knows.. It's funny, artstyle might be more realistic-like, and manages to stand a bit from other mangas ? After Nijiiro * Prism Girl, though I like it way less much than Woodstock or Hikaru no densetsu because well... It's even more random than Yamato Nadehisko and Tokyo Mew Mew, and the characters are barely serious... Though it's not totally bad as it makes it funny...

    And I finally decided to read Rozen Maiden, if I got spoiled and autospoiled a few years ago~ I enjoy it, though the negative point is that there's a bit too much of toilet humor for me ._. Besides this, I understand the hype it got in the past and I'm gonna ckeep on reading... I finished to read the third book. After I started BRS innocent Soul... Damn, that sudden change compared with the original one o_o"' And WTF Dead Master in this version ? Looking forward for the book of the serie but for the moment I'm kinda mixed... Though it doesn't break that much the esteem I get for it

    Aaaaand finally yesterday night, while discovering that the broadcasting of a cartoon I was following for a few weeks ended up, I watched two episodes of an epic anime~ It deals with Zorro story, with some differences though... But Jesus Christ, it's so beautiful *ç* The title is Kaiketsu Zorro and seriously, the two first episodes made me curious and now I'm craving for the following episodes <3 Apparently it started in 1990... And it feels weird to see a blonde blue-eyed Diego... Though he looks as handsome and charismatic as the "usual" one~

    And then as most of people out there, it happend to me to watch some bits of Lucky Star, Shugo Chara, Hetalia and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya due to memes and such, but I don't count them as I haven't followed them enough much (and that's why I won't count as well TMM and MM anime versions)

    So yeah at the moment my 5 top list would be something like that :

    1) Tokyo Mew Mew (finished) x Mermaid Melody (finished) x Détective Conan (reading)
    2) Cat's eye (reading + watching)
    3) Hikaru no densetsu x Sailor Moon (reading) x Sailor V (finished)
    4) Kaiketsu Zorro (watching) x Woodstock (reading) x Code Lyôko
    5) Rozen Maiden (reading) x Nijiiro * Prism girl (reading) x Jigoku Shoujo
  8. amaterasu miya

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    Favorite mangas: magic knight rayearth, kissxsis, one piece
    Favorite anime's: one piece, negima, kissxsis, bokusatsu tenshi dokuro chan
  9. hikari08

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    Favorite Animes :
    Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
    Jigoku Shoujo

    Favorite Mangas:
    Black Butler
    Sailor Moon
    Kamisama Hajimemashita

    SCARYCHEWINGGUM Ruko's Ruffians Defender of Defoko

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    s-shingeki no kyojin...
  11. AmeKinoko

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    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Haganai: I don't have many friends
    Death Note
    Kimi ni todoke
    Case Closed!
    A Certain Scientific Railgun
    ...There's probably more, those are just the ones I could think of.
    I also have Hatsune Mix!
  12. JuPluu

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    I really like One Piece!
    My favorite manga ever is Kagen no Tsuki, by Ai Yazawa. She's a great diva. I love how she brings drama and reality to her stories.
  13. idoltrash69

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    Favorite anime:
    - Madoka Magica
    - Love Live! + Love Live! Sunshine!!
    - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    - Kekkai Sensen
    - Mekakucity Actors
    - Kill La Kill
    - Card Captor Sakura
    - Urusei Yatsura
    (not in order but Madoka and LL are my favs) (I really love magical girl shows <3)

    Favorite manga:
    -Their Story/Tamen de Gushi
    -Kagerou Daze
    -Mob Psycho 100
    -Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san
    -basically cute and simple slice of life stuff (mostly)
    (not in order but Tamen de Gushi is by far my favorite, not only is it my favorite manga/manhua ever, it's also one of my favorite pieces of media period, it's so funny and witty and sweet and I just love it)

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