(Help me) Is there anyone still have "COSMONAUTS ust" in the computer?


Teto's Territory
Hi !! very long time I haven't active in UTAU or Vocal-synth community due to I'm a salaryman now.

Okay! I'd like to talk about finding COSMONAUTS ust . I know who created it but the download link seem cannot reach to download or the creator's already deleted it ,I'm not sure... :sad:

here the song that I tryna find the ust (also the off vocal)

TBH,I used to have COSMONAUTS ust but it very longtime ago and it lost from my computer *sob* so, I'm here to asked if anyone still have it in the computer or find from somewhere OTL

Ps.If you really can't find the ust you can give me "MIDI file" instead.

If you have the ust file(or MIDI) please contract me directly via my personal discord here my ID - Feilyn#6351

Thank you.

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