Voicebank Hinaya Nurune

Nikki D. submitted a new Showcase Item:

Hinaya Nurune


Hinaya was born to an angel father and a demon mother. While his parents are outgoing and boisterous, Hinaya has always been reserved and not emotive. He was raised in a wealthy household, but was taught to be humble, and thus became generous and polite. Hinaya requested to venture into the human world, and although his parents were more than happy to supply him with money, he decided to work at a maid cafe to earn his own money. He has met many people, and talks to his parents frequently about the encounters he has with others. He has had many romantic partners that he treats well, and has a good group of close friends. He spends his time either working or exploring the world of humans. He loves Lolita fashion (which often means he crossdresses) and collecting human vintage items. His favorite of these in his collection is a ceramic, jeweled elephant. Hinaya often gets mistaken for being a girl due to his appearance and how he dresses, but he doesn't mind correcting others when they make the wrong assumption.


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