How to Create a Very processed voice like defoko ?


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Hello! I am curious is there a way I could create a completely processed Utau voice like defoko? I have no clue how to do something like this so I assumed possibly someone on here would know?? I wanted to make this one Utau that is a robot so It would be fitting :smile:


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Nice, I will let you in on a secret to Otakune Weeaboo whom has a super robotic voice (intentionally)

We used Melodyne, the original Auto-Tune to edit his raw samples. When used properly Melodyne can pitch correct both singers and instruments with minimal distortion that it would be hard to tell it was used. On the other hand, you can also pitch edit things make things sound super robotic, that auto-tune sound.

We did the latter for Otakune. Right into his very samples, we gave him perfect pitch, not only did we give him perfect pitch we took things a step further into that auto-tune territory and removed all voice modulation and crushed all the pitch drift so much that his samples no longer sound human.

He was robotically perfect in pitch, tone, and inhumanly flat delivery. Its the secret to being really clear, but he would never ever sound human after all the editing. So if you are down with editing your samples, you can use pitch correction software or plugins to make your raw samples sound robotic, though this is obviously a destructive process.

Also, some noise removal plugins that claim to "clean up" backgrounds of recordings may make you sound robotic.


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I'd approach this with post-processing and effects. Lowering bitrate would make the sound sound a lot less human, using autotune (for "cracky" and pitch snapping effect), tremolo (for an "electronic" sound) or vocoder effects could work. I guess for the similar effect of Defoko's voice I'd try recording or filtering! (if you use Audacity it's quite easy to create an automatized process for multiple files using Macros!)

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