Resolved If possible, have the site mention older and alternate browsers if the page fails to load.


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We are currently in an Expired Certificate Moment when writing. This means that some security certificate, I assume, has expired. And since this site uses https, that means that an amount of browsers may refuse to load the page entirely, bringing you to the "Page could not be loaded" screen.

I'm not gonna lie, I enjoy the respite from some people, but it gets lonely here. This site can be accessed, but Firefox plain refuses and I don't have Chrome to test it on, so:
Firefox plain refuses on my end
Basilisk, based on an older version of Firefox, does after warning you and you just telling it to load it anyway
Edge and Tor does the same
Internet Explorer gets a complaint from the site about an outdated browser. Otherwise, behaves the same as Basilisk.

As for phone browsers...
In android:
DuckDuckGo failed to load at all
Chrome sends up a warning which you can bypass if you know where to look
Sorry iphone users buy better value phones next time kay idk how those react

All in all, this is quite a mess, and since Hentai is at some sort of convention, he won't be available to fix it unless he brought his laptop with him or something, and in the case this happens again, telling users how to access this page, even while unsecure, would be ideal.

This has been thing, smelly, hope this gets fixed I'm working on something interesting, kcya


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Normally we use a free Let'sEncrypt SSL but those require regular renewal. Renewals were bugged, but should be addressed after server updates. Do message me if this happens again. Marking thread resolved.