let me use yalls utaus (for a medley) (temporary closed need to update)

mi1chi(defoko #1 fan !!!!

Ruko's Ruffians
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so im currently starting to make a vocaloid medley utau cover n i thought it would be cool if i used some of ur guys utaus in it too !!
the ones without any names are the available songs
if you want me to use ur utau tell me the song part and give a download link to your utau :smile:
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I can yeet my UTAU Maria for this one :D picking alien alien for the spot

Her download link is here
Her official art is here (it's actually for another voicebank but it'll suffice)


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if miss wanna die or rolling girl aren't taken, you can use my boy for it!! if they are, just use him for whatever you think would fit :D



eldritch horror
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I would just be happy if you used Lance for any part!
Here's her cv bank and site!

:smile: thanks so much!!! <3 Any song but Alien Alien, because I've done that one! She already has a slightly deep voice for this bank!


Ritsu's Renegades
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you can use any of my 3 kiddos for anything you think will fit them! They're all CV voicabanks :D
I hope i'm not late hh
Here's their links:
CUSL-01: Hana: https://utaforum.net/showcase/cusl-01-hana-sakura.1000/
CUSL-02: MAXwell: https://utaforum.net/showcase/cusl-02-maxwell.1038/
CUSL-03: Songbird: https://utaforum.net/showcase/cusl-03-songbird.1033/
I haven't updated their site in a while (some of them aren't listed on the site) so going to the direct dl is recommended hh
If you need any examples of their voices, i have plenty of covers i've used them in, you can dm me if you want to hear them first! (i'm just too lazy to put em on sc or yt hh)


Momo's Minion
I wanna partecipate too....You could use my utau (F.S.) he is a vcv and you can use him for paradichlorobenzen or skeleton orchesta and lilia

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