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    I know i already posted an post like this before! But, it came with a few flaws.. And, i feel like i posted it at the wrong time. So, here's a new one!

    Here's what she looks like

    Character Name is...
    Opal Salloom

    What voice am i looking for?
    • A deep
    • mature
    • and a lower pitch of Akita Neru's voice
    Extra information
    • I would like if you make one Korean and one English. But, if you can't do both at least do the Korean since well she is an Korean Utau
    • I need the voice banks for an good use! since, so many others want her to be an utau and idk how to make an utau voice bank or an download for it. So, i decided to make a request here!
    • Include an download and link it in your comment! (since, she is going to the utau wiki. she will need to include an download to her voice bank so others can use it. And, so she is able to go to the wiki!)
    • Comment below if interested or like this post!
    • Send me some examples of your voice banks if you have any laying around that you don't use and think it will go with her well!
    • Lastly, enjoy!

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