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MatitasXD submitted a new resource:

Mandarin Chinese VCCV - A efficient VCCV reclist with base oto.ini for Mandarin Chinese

I've been working on this since February!
*Please take in count that this a "BETA", but it's finished tho*
Since I'm not a native speaker, it's really likely that some combinations are
unnecessary or missing.

Important things:
  • A pronunciation guide is inside the zip file
  • The base oto.ini is for Cz's BGM, not for bluCITRUS's BGM

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But why?

There's already an existing standard reclist for Mandarin created by actual speakers of the language. If you want to bring Mandarin UTAU to the overseas community, I think attention would be better focused towards things like translating the website and writing guides on how to use their standard reclist.
PaintedCZ's VCCV reclist was built for English specifically, so swapping out the phonemes for Mandarin ones is hardly the best approach even if you wanted to make your own non-standard reclist.
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