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Resource Minimal Japanese 2-mora CVVC reclist


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Minimal Japanese 2-mora CVVC reclist - A modified version of EVE list.

I have written a shortened, modified, version of Namine Ritsu's EVE list. This recordings list has 177 samples only and it has necessary native sounds only: no extra "ts" sounds, no ye-glides, no すぃ(si)/ずぃ(zi) sound nor "v" sounds etc.

With "V C" settings, I made it be as effective as possible, so it means that: k=ky, g=gy, n=ny, b=by, p=py, m=my, r=ry.

For example "a k" and "a ky" sounds exactly same, so from "ka_ka", you'll get "a k" AND "a ky" from this reclist base oto.ini.


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Hello! I noticed something wrong with the base oto.ini file provided:

a_tsu.wav=u ts,900.0,270.0,-300.0,250.0,83.0
i_tsu.wav=u ts,900.0,270.0,-300.0,250.0,83.0
tsu_tsu.wav=u ts,900.0,270.0,-300.0,250.0,83.0
e_tsu.wav=u ts,900.0,270.0,-300.0,250.0,83.0
o_tsu.wav=u ts,900.0,270.0,-300.0,250.0,83.0

They're all aliased as "u ts"

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