Mita Souzou - 創造ミタ



• Name & Name Meaning: Mita Souzou (souzou - creation)
• Gender: Female
• Age: 29, but looks and acts like a 12 year old
• Country of Origin: Singapore
• UTAU Series: Project Auditor
• Voice Type: Strong
• Optimum Range: G3-G5
• Encoding: Hiragana, English samples in roman letters
• Aliases: Yes, but not romaji compatable
• Voicebank Type: CV
• Preconfigured OTO: Yes
• Appends/Multiple Banks: CV+Eng, more planned
• Languages: Japanese and English, more planned
• Voicebank Download: Mediafire (Self-installing) Mediafire (RAR)
• Voice examples:
CV Japanese


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I will be working on Mita's ACT2, which will be named Mita Souzou NEXT. I have finished writing the reclist (which was finished for a while and just needed final touches) and I will begin recording as soon as I get a new microphone.

The voicebank will come with the reclist and a guide on using it. I wonder what songs to use for the demo...


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More updates on voicebanks.

A great amount of banks are now in progress.

Mita Souzou KOREAN (CV VC Korean based on Linako Sonone)
Mito Souzou aka Mita MALE (VCV)
Mita Souzou WAIT (3 pitch CV)
Mita Souzou CORE (3+1 pitch VCV)
Mita Souzou WHISPER (VCV)
Mita Souzou RANGE (36 pitch CV)
Mita Souzou NEXT (7 pitch English/Japanese CVVC)

All of them either still need more recordings or need to be OTO'd. The first to be released will likely be WAIT, so that a good quality bank would be available while I work on all the others.


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Woops, the first series two release ended up being VCV2.