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I am doing my first voicebank release in 10 years. Its not just one VB but 8!

Otakune Weeaboo 1A & 1B
Otakune Weeaboo 2A & 2B
Otakune Weeaboo 3A & 3B
Otakune Weeaboo 4A & 4B

4 VBs with an A-side and a B-side. I am looking to commission 4x character designs/box covers with A & B designs with a theme of "similar but contrasting".

I have no specific references for the commission as I want it to be original designs and am giving artists a lot of freedom. An "A-side" design, then a counterpart "B-side" design with something 'extra' or concept contrasts. (Ex: Man vs Cyborg Man, Man vs Kenomimi, Plaincloths vs Superhero, Light-side vs Dark-side, Fantasy vs SciFi etc.) I will make myself available to pitch/develop concepts as well, I hope potential collaborators have fun with the project.

The only design element I would insist on is somehow integrating the not-ninja headband. Canonically he doesn't have an official hair/eye color/outfit besides the headband accessory. Something he has had as a stick figure, in 3D, and even as an alpaca. In fact, I would prefer diverse designs with only the headband in common.

I am assigning 1 pair of A-B sheets to 4 differnet artists. Looking to see how different people tackle the concept. So you would only be responsible for 1 pair.
Feel free to reference the UTAU Wiki or the Imgur album for his previous boxart/designs. YouTube playlist for previous videos. Beta tweet for sound of current project.

DM or reply if you are interested in doing character designs / boxart for Otakune Weeaboo. Also contact me if you want to beta test the new VBs as well.

Update: 1 of 4 slots filled.
1. Concept: Man vs Nekomimi
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