New Privacy Policy, Terms of Service & Other Small Updates

As mentioned in UtaForum Updated to Xenforo 1.4.4 I was going to add more help pages.

Amongst these new pages I included a new Privacy Policy.
It is pretty straightforward and was made using a generic Privacy Policy generator. It outlines that we take some personal information when you register (birthdays, email & IP addresses) how we gather non-personal information (browser version, operating system, etc.) what we use that info for (providing a better user experience, COPPA compliance, etc.) and how we won't share any info gathered with 3rd parties.

Since I was taking care of legal mumbo-jumbo I also added a generic Terms of Service to our Terms & Rules page. While the page was called "Terms of Service & Rules" it actually didn't a former ToS, just the rules, so a proper ToS has been added. The new ToS is actually the generic one included with most XenForo installs. It basically says by posting anything to this site you are granting us a licence to use that content indefinitely, with you retaining ownership and copyright to that content.

Beyond the two above help pages I had also add UTAU Usage Policy & Group Permissions Overview. Also XenForo has since been updated to 1.4.5 with no new features, mostly bug fixes.

The addition of the new help pages, especially the Privacy Policy, were big enough that I felt an announcement was necessary. For the full list of more minor changes please see the XenForo Transition Thread.
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