Critique Requested New synth help?


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I'm Planning on making a synth similar to Utau and Vocaloid, but countless times I realized I suck at doing things alone.
I want volunteers to help with the development (c++ coders, interface designers...etc *tuners as well*). I might seem like a nobody right now, but I want a new alternative to Vocaloid! Utau is pretty much dead (in updates and issue wise).
I say volunteers cause I do not have any access to money and I don't know how long this software could be in development (or even dropped) one thing for sure it has to be OPEN SOURCED, so others can share their updates and etc (to a limit).
I do have little treats for those who *seriously* volunteer!
(such as. a like and repost from WHITE ROSE *whoo* and even chat to Holynautilus, Spooki and White Rose *at least in a minimum matter to test your wits for the CAUSE*)
I wish you a great day(?


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Additionally, keep in mind there are a number of different projects that aim to provide an alternative, competitor, or replacement for UTAU already.

Of course, if you already looked into those and none match your vision, thats perfectly fine. Agree with @Kiyoteru that you may need to more clearly state what role you would like to take in such a project.


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LOL white, but yes I'm capable of a few things such as interface design, testing, normal amounts of code and etc. @Halo @Kiyoteru The idea of the group wasn't to force everyone else to do everything, just my weaknesses, or the stuff I am unable to do.
(@WHITE ROSE you signed up for this lol)