Niche voicebank recording styles ?


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I'm trying to make a list of weird/niche voicebank recording styles.

I'm talking about the provider manipulating their voice to change the way a vb sounds. A common example being kire, whisper, growl, etc.

I remember trends from 2013-2016 including "childlike" "drunk" "sleepy" and uh, certain "adult emotions".... if that makes sense.

Basically, I want to document all the weird little experiments we were doing 10 years ago. We really pushed utau to it's limit back then lol


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One way to do this is to browse any voicebank directory and take note of all the banks you find. You can start with utaforum's showcase.


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I recorded one when I was sick and lost my voice several years ago. I think some other people have also done this.

If I ever get tonsillitis again (or something else where I lose my voice but it doesn't hurt) I'll probably redo it as CVVC and with my better microphone.

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