Notice: Server Migration & DNS Changes Completed (01/28/2022)


Update: Server Migration & DNS Changes Completed. If you are reading this message then your DNS has successfully updated and now points to the new server.

If your friends can not see this message then they are still on the old server. If their DNS doesn't update automatically within the next few hours they may need to flush their DNS.

Since I remembered to put the forum into "maintenance mode" and even had the presence of mind to post about it beforehand, there shouldn't be any desync issues this time.

I will need to juggle some services on the server so the site will be down on Friday. Our server IP will likely change as UtaForum's server node will be changing. I will delete this thread and post a maintenance-completed thread once everything is done.

Since downtime is expected please follow @UtaForum on Twitter for the latest maintenance status updates.
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