Notice: Server Migration & DNS Changes Completed (01/30/2020)

Congratulations! If you are reading this message then your DNS has successfully updated and now points to the new server.

If your friends can not see this message then they are still on the old server and will still get the "maintenance mode" message and a link to our Twitter. If their DNS doesn't update automatically within the next few hours they may need to flush their DNS.

The cause of this transition was mostly financially motivated. I have been paying for UtaForum's hosting out of pocket but server costs for VPS went up and it became unsustainable. (See: MASSIVE cPanel Price Increase) The new VPS software licenses now cost as much as I paid for the entire VPS I was hosting UtaForum on.

Thus, I have moved UtaForum from a low-end VPS I was paying $32.50/mo to a high-end shared hosting plan at $7.50/mo. This move would save me $300/yr not counting the other $300/yr my cPanel licenses were expected to go up by. So yea, please bear with me as these changes save me some $600/yr total.

Normally you don't want Shared Hosting for dynamic websites like a message board, but I did a lot of research and our new host is well regarded and their shared plans actually have a lot more resources provisioned than my old low-end VPS. The resource limits really great, especially at the "Expert" plan we are on. Most hosts don't go into that detail about their server provisioning, the fact that our new host is upfront about it makes me more confident things will be fine.

I don't expect the new plan to have any problems as we are low volume, but if it does, I can throw some money at it and get a mid-tier Reseller Plan from another host. Such a plan would cost at least $20/mo, so I don't want to buy something 2.5x as expensive if I don't have to.

Assuming they are not grossly oversold and lying about their specs overall performance may actually improve! Hopefully, this host/plan works out, please reply with feedback about how well the new server is working for you.

Is it fast, is it slow, any new or unexpected issues?
As we are on a Shared Plan this may change over time. If you have any issues in the future feel free to contact me as well.

Thanks for your continued patience during this transition.

- Hentai