Notice: Server Upgrade/Move 5/7/2015 [Completed]

I just signed on a new client and this one is big enough that I had to upgrade my server, so with the server upgrade UtaForum is coming with. Expect the transition to take anywhere from 4-24 hours, posts made in this intermediary period may be lost. This thread title will be changed after the move's completion.

If you don't see the update post/reply completion post in this thread then you are still on the old server. Instructions to check/clear your cached DNS will be included in the following post.
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Server transfer complete.

If your friends can not see this message then they are still on the old server and any posts or messages they send will not be transferred over. If their DNS doesn't update automatically within the next few hours they may need to flush their DNS.


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Not to nag, but wouldnt it have been better to include the flush dns instructions in the first post on the old server? I guess if ya cant google, your on your own lol.