Recruiting Engloids.Info Blog Staff

For those of you who don't know I am the Executive Editor of Engloids.Info.

Updates have been slim from the V3 -> V4 transition, however with new Engloids around the corner, and Cz hard at work VCCV English 2015 is looking like a bright year of English language singthesis!

In order to prepare for what I expect to be a quite busy year for Engloids I am looking to recruit more blog staff.

Positions available include:
  • Copy Editor
    If the name isn't descriptive enough this is probably what you think of when he read the word 'editor'. The copy editor's job is to overlook others words & text (read: copy) and edit it for grammar, punctuation, etc.

  • Contributing Editor
    These are the columnists of Engloids.Info. You are given a column, personal space without our blog, with the topic and/or theme of said column is up to you. Then you (hopefully) publish related content semi-regularly.

  • Associate Editor
    Do you run your own blog already? How about you syndicate and or translate your content to the Engloids.Info audience expanding your reach and cross-promoting each other's content.

  • News Editor
    General English Vocaloid news is slow enough that I can handle it, but if you would like to expand awareness about a specific related topic (UTAU, MMD, Albums, etc.) I am open to collaboration.
If you are up for any of the above contact me either via PM or by any of the methods listed on the Staff Page.

P.S. Anyone know anything about Chipspeech?
I want to do an article on it but I know next to nothing. If you are willing to help me with a chipspeech-related Feature please contact me.


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Defender of Defoko
Ooh, I'm a chipspeech fan!! I might consider being a copy editor as well, since I'm not certain of my ability to create articles mself.


Momo's Minion
I'd like to join in as a copy editor! I'm also up for writing articles, although I'm not sure of it since I'm not really acquainted with the VOCALOID software; I'm too broke to buy it. Would that be fine with you?
*EDIT: You accept English synthesizers in general? I'm cool with it, too!


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I firmly believe 2015 will be the year that Engloids finally start shining bright :wink: