Resolved Reinstate height limit on signatures?


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I remember when we introduced a limit on the height/size of signatures on a previous iteration of the forum. Although we did have to adjust by using spoiler tags, etc. it ultimately resulted in a better reading experience where forum threads weren't dominated by extremely long signatures.
Is there any way to automatically shorten long signatures under a "read more" or otherwise limit the height on the current software?


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This sounds like it should be feasible. We'll look into it!


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Marking thread resolved.

Theme update should give signatures should have a maximum height. If total height exceeds the maximum it should collapse the sig and require a click to expand it to full height. I am not sure what the exact height is before it starts collapsing, I didn't see an option to configure or change it, but in recent testing it seems to work.

Edit: Apparently, I broke it, I will open a ticket with our theme developer. It used to work lol. We still have a couple months paid support from when I bought this premium theme.

Edit 2: Apparently, it just fixed itself? I was just turning things on and off, *shrug* If it breaks again I will open another ticket.
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