Open Tokens Rotating Banner Exchange


Utane Uta
Defender of Defoko
For a while UtaForum has had a rotating banner promoting a variety of content that the staff felt might interest UtaForum users. The permanent rotation has consisted of #overseas-utafest, UTAU.wikidot, Engloids.Info and of course the UtaForum Oekaki.

Having the same four ads for over a year makes the banner somewhat stale for our regular users. While we could of course put commercial ads in this space one thing that we have been insistent on was anything we advertise really should be relevant to our userbase.

With the move to 4.0 and the introduction of UtaBucks we felt this was the perfect opportunity to add value to the Tokens you either earn for free or gain via donating through the new Rotating Banner Exchange.

Under the Exchange you can turn in 1 Token for 30 days in the banner rotation time where you can advertise anything, your showcase item, entry, YouTube channel, new album, etc. so long as it is relevant to UtaForum's membership.

Rotating Banner Exchange Rules
  • Your banner MUST be 728px by 90px as exampled by the image below:728.png
  • You may have a maximum of 3 banners in the rotation at a time.
  • You may add another 30 days in the rotation per additional token.
  • Your banner and link MUST be relevant to the UtaForum community.
  • The staff will be the sole judge concerning what banners are relevant.

Requesting a Rotating Banner

To request a Rotating Banner send a private message to Hentai with the subject "Banner Request". Within this message include your banner image, what you would like your banner to link to, and how long you would like your banner in the rotation.

Assuming your banner is correctly sized and its content relevant you will be added into the rotation and the appropriate amount of Tokens will be removed from your account.